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Get access to precise and accurate medical interpretation services in more than 230 languages.

    Medical Interpretation Services

    All-In-One Medical Interpretation Services

    LST is one of the best medical interpreting companies in the world that strives to provide the highest quality interpretation services. We believe in providing consecutive medical interpretations so that the patient and the healthcare provider can communicate effectively. Our expert medical interpreters are not only the handiest specialists in their technical languages but also in communication and medical terminology.

    We provide our clients with precise and accurate medical interpreting services for almost every healthcare field. At LST, a large number of translators and interpreters are ready to provide interpretation in more than 230 languages.

    In the past few years, we have helped thousands of medical institutions improve their language access programs with the help of our certified medical interpreters. More than 80% of our customers are leading medical and pharmaceutical bodies, which are expanding daily into new global markets with the help of our professional interpretation and translation services.

    Medical Interpretation Services by Top-Rated Interpreters

    LST offers certified healthcare interpretation with the help of a professional team with extensive experience in various healthcare and medical fields. We are proudly offering certified medical interpretation services to:

    • Healthcare professionals
    • Medical device manufacturers
    • Pharmaceutical companies
    • Medical centers
    Medical Interpretation Services
    medical interpretation services

    Medical Interpretation In 230+ Languages

    LST has been offering medical language interpretation services for more than ten years. We cover many language combinations and offer medical translation and interpretation in more than 230 languages. Our experienced interpreters also have extensive knowledge of interpretation in medical terms. Our professional interpreters are native speakers of your target languages.

    They have a complete grip on native slang and dialects and provide professional medical localization services according to the needs of your target audience. Our certified medical interpreters have many professional skills, from translating and interpreting audio and video files to interpreting legal and medical documents. We compare the professional knowledge of interpreters with our client’s needs to ensure that we provide the ideal interpreter for each translation we undertake.

    Here at LST, our goal is simple; Translate as per the consumer’s needs. And that is what makes us stand out from other medical interpreting agencies. Our medical language interpretation services are above par. Subject matter experts ensure that our services assist consumers in getting the help they deserve.

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    Custom Medical Interpretation Services That Fit Your Needs

    When a medical setting encounters a language barrier, there is a need for you to go for a medical interpretation service provider that can quickly fulfill the special requirements of your medical setting. LST offers a complete solution to improve the communication process throughout the patient’s journey. We offer the services of our certified medical interpreters 24/7/365. We provide medical interpreter services in the following area:

    • On-Site Interpretation
    • Telephonic and Audio Interpretation
    • Remote Video Interpretation
    interpretation in medical terms
    medical language interpretation services

    Why You Need Professional Interpretation Services

    No matter where you offer services, ensuring proper communication between you and your client is the best practice. Effective communication in every language keeps your business growing and satisfies your patients. Thus, certified medical interpreter services are crucial for your business.

    • Errors in labels or patient reports can be life-threatening. Don’t let your hospital or clinic trust unauthorized and inexperienced translations and services. Instead, trust professional medical interpretation services. Only they can do justice to the nature of the work.
    • It would help if you had a team with a medical background and rich experience in medical translation to provide accurate and reliable medical interpretation solutions.

    Why Choose LST?

    Medical interpreters at LST are highly qualified, experienced, and certified. They deeply understand medical procedures and terms to provide your patients with the highest quality language interpretation.

    • Confidentiality of patient data is essential for language access in medical institutions. We ensure the safety of every medical document that we receive.
    • LST ensures that your work is confidentially completed on time. The proper business method that we have in place guarantees that every task is handed over to the highest suitable certified healthcare interpreter.
    • Our affordable pricing ensures you get your work done at the most affordable price.
    • We also have a stringent quality assurance system in which an expert proofreads complete translation to ensure accuracy and precision.
    medical interpretation solutions


    Medical interpreters are bilingual or multilingual persons who are responsible for delivering real-time translations of medical instructions and medical interpretation. Such a conversation involving the exchange of medical information often occurs between a doctor and his patient. A medical interpreter helps to bridge the gap between doctors and patients who do not speak or understand a common language.

    The process of medical interpretation is carried out by professional and expert medical interpreters who are well-equipped with medical knowledge. Medical interpreters are important as they have the ability to accurately read non-verbal communication and cues, such as gestures and posture. Medical interpreters play an important role in helping the patient and healthcare practitioner fully understand each other. This reduces the risks associated with misunderstanding in the diagnosis of a treatment plan. If you need medical interpreters, LST is your go-to option.

    Medical interpreters are vital for the healthcare business as they deliver professional medical interpretation services. However, there are certain factors that have resulted in a shortage of medical interpreters across the world. The main factor behind the shortage of medical interpreters is that the number of people who need interpretation services is far greater than the number of people delivering these services. Secondly, there are too many languages to be covered, making it difficult for interpreters to comprehensively provide interpretation services. Lastly, not all health facilities can hire professional interpreters due to cost constraints, leading to fewer specializations in medical interpretation. However, if you need medical interpretation services, LST is there to help!

    A medical interpreter is responsible for providing accurate and precise medical interpretation services to healthcare practitioners and patients, who do not speak the same language. These medical interpreters ensure a complete understanding of medical information among doctors, nurses, patients, and medical staff. Other duties that medical interpreters may perform are establishing and maintaining quality service and positive interaction with patients, healthcare providers, and clinical employees.

    Medical interpretation can take place in different settings. There are four types of medical interpretation. Consecutive interpretation is where the patient and the doctor pause to allow the interpreter to speak, meaning that the parties speak consectively. Simultaneous interpretation occurs when the interpreter interprets the speaker’s words in real time. Over-the-phone interpretation involves delivering interpretation through a phone call. Video call interpretation involves making a video call to patients to communicate the treatment information.

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