Get your medical documents, such as patient reports, test results, history, and prescriptions, accurately translated. Our professional life science medical translation service enables seamless & clear communication between healthcare providers and patients.



Here at Life Science Translation, our team of certified pharmaceutical linguists provides high-quality pharmaceutical translations into different languages. Contact us to get professional SmPC, PIL, and labeling translation services for pharmaceutical products.



Our subject matter experts provide top-grade psychology & psychiatrist translation solutions in multiple languages for clinical trials, patient surveys, and professional mental health doctors.



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Today, the scope of clinical trial translation has been widened because of the increasing medical research work worldwide. Therefore, the leading healthcare providers around the globe are striving to find the most suitable certified life science translation company.

Here at Life Science Translation, we are helping global medical and pharma companies, sponsors, and CROs to create better healthcare experiences through our professional and reliable clinical translation. Our customers around the world trust us with their most confidential data, and we never share clients’ information with any third parties. 

Life Science Translation provides expert translations in medical and clinical science to improve the quality, performance, and reliability of your product needed to dominate the highly competitive medical industry. We offer complete clinical trial support through our highly qualified staff and well-trained translators, including processing sample trial documents, managing data, and report evaluation.

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Life Science Translation is a certified translation company, leading its way in the clinical, pharmaceutical, and veterinary industries. Our life science translators are expert linguists who come from several disciplines, from diagnostic medical research to zoology. We are offering life science translation services in more than 230 languages and 2000+ language pairs.

We have a diverse team of certified translators with subject-matter expertise and profound translation experience who can go the extra mile to deliver the best translation solution for life science, even under the tightest deadlines. We are serving a wide range of clients, from life science research institutes to medical device manufacturers.


We have a team of over 6000 certified life science translators with years of experience in scientific translation service. Our translators and interpreters mostly have a doctorate in life sciences, with experiences in short- and long-term projects for many life science companies. Our expert translators along with state-of-the-art technology ensure that our clients have an authentic and seamless communication experience globally.

We assure you that each translator is a subject specialist with relevant qualifications. Every translator must go through a full-fledged hiring process that helps the management analyze and evaluate their credibility before recruitment. Moreover, our translators have specified language and interpretation skills, which allows them to effectively translate complex life science terminologies with 100% precision and accuracy.



Here at Life Science Translation, we take pride in serving many reputed pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of medical equipment, and many known healthcare agencies. We pay special attention to accuracy and deliver complete satisfaction to all our clients.

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We worked with Life Science Translation for some medical device translation from English to Chinese, French and Japanese and it was flawless. Their team is very professional and delivers quality results in time.

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Grace Parker

Product Designer

My experience with Life Science Translation had been great. I hired them for translation of some clinical trials into a couple of global languages and it was simply the best. Without any need for revisions or re-edits, they delivered impeccable results. Thanks a lot, I will definitely hire Life Science Translation again when needed.


Jacob Hawkins

Marketing Manager


Life science is a branch of science that involves the scientific study of life, for example, plants, microorganisms, and animals. Life science focuses on a specific type of organism. For instance, zoology refers to the study of animals, while botany refers to the study of plants. Some parts of life science concern micro-scale (such as microbiology and biochemistry), while others focus on a large scale (such as cytology, ethology, pharmacy, and immunology). Life science translation connects doctors, pharmacists, and scientists across the world to patients, allowing translation of life sciences for easy comprehension.

Translation in life science involves converting life science-related concepts and methods into various languages for easy comprehension. Life science translation facilitates access to personalized healthcare services as well as improves the quality of life for people of all languages. In addition, life science translation focuses on lab results, medical data, in-depth methodology descriptions, and various documentation of technical nature. These may include industry-specific products as well, such as medical apps, devices, and software.

Machine translation is a widely used translation method performed and executed by a computer. The Machine Translation engine “reads” the input text and then uses algorithms to generate a translation. The automated translation used in the machine translation process can also be used in life science translations. Correct translations of medical terminology and definitions can be performed by harnessing the power of machine translation along with terminology management systems. Although consistency in life science translation can be achieved using this method, a translator still needs to be present in order to fill the gaps in accurate translation.

Life science translation is concerned with the translation of medical methods, concepts, and content into various languages for easy comprehension. This task of translating medical documents and files is carried out by expert life science translators. Here, at LST, our Life science translators are responsible for translating highly complex and sometimes technical medical data, such as informed consent forms, patient records, medical research, and scientific breakthroughs. Moreover, life science translators make life science research comprehensible for medical practitioners throughout the world.

Life science is an ideal domain for machine translation as MT has the potential to deliver beneficial results for life science translation. Artificial Intelligence is taking over the field of life science and AI-driven diagnosis and telemedicine are on the rise. In addition, digitization is now changing regulations of clinical research, giving rise to the need for MT for error-free translation. Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and In Vitro Medical Device Regulation (IVDR) directly impact the translation volume, language scope, and type of information to be translated. This means that MT is an ideal way to establish international communication in life science.

Scientific translation interprets and translates text in the academic field which may be complex. Like life science translation, scientific translation is also important as it communicates important information for an improved life. In order to communicate critical health-related information, it is imperative to translate scientific data and information. For example, in emergencies like COVID-19, scientific data needs to be shared across the world. Here, scientific translation can play an important role in sharing that data.

Scientific translation involves translating science-related documents such as research articles, academic files, clinical trials, and other content of scientific nature. Many scientific documents may feature complex terminology and may also contain technical terms as well. To translate such specialized and complex data, it is important to have scientific translators who specialize in the translation of various fields such as life science translation, research translation, and technical documentation translation.

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