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    Medical Device Translation Services

    Best In Class Medical Device Translation Services

    How to reach global markets for your medical devices? How to expand your reach? If you have been thinking about it, LST is here for you!

    With the international expansion of the medical industry, several new opportunities have emerged for healthcare centers and pharmaceutical companies to expand their business into foreign markets. To introduce your medical device overseas, translating it into the language of the target region is a crucial step that you cannot afford to overlook. Hence, the need for medical device translation services becomes apparent.

    Today, almost every company has identified the importance of translation and localization; why to translate is no longer a question; instead, how to translate is a crucial question. Therefore, most companies have been attracted to translation services to market their medical devices overseas. If you are also looking for a reliable translation partner, you are at the right place; LST is here for you!

    Medical Device Documents We Cover

    The global sales of your medical devices need adaptation to overseas markets. Medical device documents translations are a critical part to ensure that your target audience is familiar with the way to use your product (instructions and manuals), moreover to comply with worldwide regulations. 

    LST is one of the best medical device translation companies. We focus solely on offering top-notch medical, pharmaceutical, and medical device labeling translations to our customers. Our experience, commitment, industry-specific fine management standards as well as customer-centric attitude have won us the trust of most of the world’s top biomedical and technological companies. Our medical device translation services consist of the translation of various documents related to surgical and medical devices. These documents include:

    • Data Sheets
    • Description of the manufacturing process
    Medical Device Translation Services
    medical device documentation translation

    Expert Medical Translators for Accurate Translations

    LST is a leading medical device translation agency. We help our customers achieve global success with simple, fast, and professional medical device translation services.  The medical field is a highly regulated and well-managed industry that requires translation to comply with:

    • Strict guidelines and regulations
    • Proper documentation processes
    • Governmental instructions

    Our staff is composed of well-trained professional translators who are more than linguistic and technical experts.

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    Translating Your Medical Device Documents?

    Medical Device Documents Translation In 230+ Languages

    We provide accurate and precise medical device language translation in more than 230 languages for product labeling, key regulation documents, and whatnot. Our native language translators have deep knowledge of medicine and health science and provide high-quality translations for technical, manufacturing, and medical institutions.

    Customers can ensure that their medical devices will be sold, accepted, and used overseas with the help of LST’s experienced medical device packaging translation services. Our professional team uses the correct language techniques, understands the requirements of local regulations, and respects the norms and cultures of the target locale. This way, our translation of your medical devices guarantees acceptability, high quality, and authenticity.

    Medical Device Translation Services
    Medical Device Translation Services

    Why Choose LST for Medical Device Translation Services?

    In order to launch your medical device in a foreign market, a great deal of accuracy and precision is required for translating all the necessary details and instructions. While translating the content of your medical devices, it is also important to follow the principles and practices of the targeted culture. Top-rated language services and technical accuracy are prerequisites for high quality medical device translation and that’s where LST can help!

    It is not a wise practice to hand over such an important task to amateurs or unprofessional people. Improper translation of your medical devices may not only result in delaying your product launch in the international market but can as well as lead to misunderstanding and misuse of the device having fatal consequences. There are a number of professional medical device translation companies offering multiple services.


    Medical device translation is the process of adapting and translating texts related to use of medical devices. This translation of medical devices is done while keeping the linguistic and cultural requirements of international medical specialists. The translation of medical devices entails translation of various documents and texts such as operating manuals, instructions for use, installation manuals, regulatory compliance documents, and marketing material.

    Medical devices are equipment that aid in medical and surgical services. Since medical devices are not just made in one country, various medical devices are shipped from other countries for unhindered medical practices. Medical device translation requires utmost care as technical details of the use of medical devices is quite tough to understand. Care is required in medical device translation to enable medical practitioners across the globe to use medical devices correctly, without worrying about language barriers.

    Just like other types of translation, medical device translation requires careful precision, and accuracy. To prepare for medical device translation, it is first important to research carefully nd plan ahead of translation. Answer the following questions for preparation of medical device translation:

    • Who is the audience of medical devices?
    • In which languages does it need to be translated?
    • What is the industry type and style of documents?
    • The time frame of the project
    • The translation budget

    In order to ensure accurate medical device translation, it is important to hire expert and competitive specialists who are well-versed in handling medical and scientific language. These experts should also preferably have a degree in a related medical field. Medical device manufacturers can hire in-house translation experts who are competent in project management. Additionally, medical device consultants can also be hired for the translation job. If a medical device manufacturing company plans on selling devices in international market, hiring outsourcing translation experts is the ideal solution.

    Below are the steps for medical device translation:

    • Planning:

    This stage involves identifying the medical text’s target audience, defining the budget and timeframe, and defining the industry.

    • Budgeting

    Since medical device translation is an expensive endeavor, it is important to calculate and define the budget allocated for translation.

    • Translation

    Once all the material for the project has been defined, translation experts can get down to translating texts related to medical devices.

    • Post-translation review

    After the translation is complete, medical device consultants can review and proofread the translations for any errors.

    LST is an expert and professional translation agency that aims to facilitate the medical community by providing accurate medical device translation. With an expertise at translating in more than 200 global languages, LST ensures all medical device translation projects are executed on time and within the client’s budget. LST offers translation of clinical trials, technical medical documents, pharmaceutical translation, and digital product localization.

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