Professional HIPAA Compliant Translation Services

Get access to professional HIPAA-Compliant translation services and ensure that the health information of medical patients is protected.

professional HIPAA Compliant Translation Services

The BestHIPAA Compliant Translation Services

LST is committed to providing the highest quality translation services to its patients. Every translated document goes through a strict Quality Assurance mechanism. Meanwhile, the entire translation process is HIPAA-compliant. So patients’ privacy is protected at all costs.

We are the best HIPAA-compliant translation provider. And what makes us stand out from the rest of the crowd is our encryption mechanism and security protocol. Our translators have legally bound to discard every patient information post-doctor-patient conversation, allowing us to ensure that private information is not stored in any place.

Team Of Professional Healthcare Linguists

Our team of professional healthcare linguists is recruited after an arduous hiring process. They are then trained and tested to ensure they get their certification and sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) before they sit in to provide translation to patients. It enables us to uphold the confidentiality of patient information as all files are saved and password protected.

HIPAA Compliant Translation Services
HIPAA Compliant Translation

What Is HIPAA Compliance?

Every Translation service provider working for the medical and healthcare sector has to prioritize patient privacy. To ensure that patient privacy is not compromised, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, also known as HIPAA, was passed in 1996. The specific purpose of the HIPAA Act was to establish a system of rules and regulations that provides a legal framework for any occurrence of patient privacy violation.

With HIPAA, medical officers must protect every patient’s privacy. In this endeavor, they are restricted from sharing patients’ medical information or data without their approval.

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professional HIPAA Compliant Translation

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