Professional Healthcare Translation Services

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    Professional Healthcare Translation Services

    LST: Your Trusted Partner for Healthcare Translation Services

    LST offers accurate and quality translation services for healthcare organizations, pharmacies, nursing facilities, and whatnot!

    As an ISO-certified healthcare translation company, we aim to provide fast and flawless healthcare and life sciences translation at affordable rates. Our multilingual subject matter experts work around the clock to ensure error-free translations are being delivered to the clients.

    • ISO Certifications (9001, 1700, 27001)
    • 32,000 Translators
    • 230+ Languages

    Digital Healthcare Translation Services

    Digitization has transcended industries, and the healthcare industry is no different. Medical institutions are moving to digital platforms to overcome the challenge of traditional hardcopy document management. Opting for electronic health records and telemedicine has enabled companies to deliver computerized medical help to patients worldwide. To provide patients with the best healthcare service, you need help from reliable translation services in healthcare and that is where we can help!

    We provide the best healthcare professionals translation via our premium medical linguists, who are not only the top subject matter experts in the relevant medical field but have hands-on experience with operating digital platforms to aid patients.

    Moreover, our team of certified healthcare professionals possesses an in-depth command over healthcare laws and regulations to comply with the best practices. It helps them communicate efficiently in multiple languages with their patients whenever needed.

    Healthcare Translation Services
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    Professional Healthcare Translation Services For Directives

    Healthcare directives are some of the most complex medical documents to translate. One must possess a robust grip on medical terminologies to translate them accurately for the target audience. Apart from knowledge, we train medical document translators to translate legal healthcare terminologies into other languages. LST offers precise language translation for healthcare directives. Here is a list of some of the Advanced directives that we translate;

    • Durable Power of Attorney For Healthcare
    • The Living Will
    • POLST (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment)
    • DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) Orders

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    Professional Healthcare Interpretation Services

    Analyzing and interpreting medical documents is an essential part of diagnosing patients. No matter how inconvenient or rigorous healthcare interpretation might seem, it is imperative to conduct standard patient care. Traditional healthcare interpretation services have almost become obsolete. Arranging and systemizing interpretation services are very time-consuming and costly. And this is where LST comes to provide a solution. Our language translation services for healthcare also cover interpretation solutions.

    Our healthcare interpretation services include:

    • Onsite interpretation services
    • Remote interpretation services

    Our advanced online model simplifies healthcare interpretation solutions. All you need to do is book your appointment with our professionally certified healthcare interpreters and then select the language of your choice. We offer onsite and OTP services to provide you with the best medical and healthcare interpretation solutions.

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    Healthcare Translation Services In 230+ Languages

    LST offers swift and certified translation services for healthcare professionals in all the world’s major languages. Our healthcare translation agency has expanded its services beyond territories with a specific focus on all Asian, European, African, and American Languages. Our premium subject matter experts in healthcare and state-of-the-art translation memory tools provide accurate translations in all major healthcare disciplines. We offer one-stop healthcare language translation services.

    In addition to healthcare Spanish translation, we cover several other important languages. Here are some of the languages that our healthcare translation agency offers;

    • Chinese
    • German


    The healthcare field is concerned with delivery of treatments to patients. Healthcare translation involves communicating health-related issues between parties which do not speak the same language. This translation may include translation of healthcare documents, software, websites and applications.

    The healthcare industry needs healthcare translation in order to establish communication between healthcare practictioners and patients, even when they do not speak the same language. Such healthcare translation is important to communicate health-related information between parties freely, to allow unhindered treatments, diagnosis and medical inspections for best care.

    Although Google Translate may be a good option for instant and accurate translation, some specialized fields such as the healthcare cannot rely on Google Translate. This is because Google Translate does not provide the required accuracy, confidentiality or the nuances of healthcare-related information. Additionally, the healthcare translation requires extreme attention to detail and accuracy of sensitive health-related information, which Google Translate does not provide.

    Healthcare translation involves translation of medical content and files. This content may be specialized and is of extremely sensitive nature. Owing to this sensitivity and complexity of healthcare-related terms, the healthcare translation may cost on average $0.12 to $0.50 per source word. However, it can vary depending upon different factors. If you want to get a quote for your translation project, contact us now.

    The healthcare business is a highly complex field that requires careful analysis and scrutiny for translation. A healthcare translator is important for healthcare business as he facilitates communication between healthcare stakeholders, irrespective of the language they speak. This exchange of information may require extreme care while translating. Healthcare translators eases this communication between patients and doctors, no matter which language they speak and understand.

    During healthcare translation, any person who can translate the sensitive and complex medical terminology can assist in healthcare delivery to global patients. A nurse can also translate for a patient, provided that there is no underlying bias towards any party, and the nurse observes ethical practices while translating. Likewise, the nurse could be professional translator who understands the nuances of different languages and can deliver error-free translation to patient.

    The healthcare business is a highly sensitive one, owing to the critical nature of the medical content. The translation of this critical information is best handled by healthcare translators who are free of any bias. This is the reason why doctors do not use family members as healthcare translators, as the information to be translated may be subject to translator bias. This may affect the quality and accuracy of translation to be delivered, possibly leading to dire consequences.

    Our healthcare translation and interpretation services are carried out by expert healthcare translator and interpreters for error-free communication. To get access to a qualified interpreter for healthcare, contact us, let us know when and where do you need an interpreter and we will get back to you in a short time. We will assign a skilled interpreter as per your requirements and you will have a hassle-free experience with us.

    Healthcare organizations need well-defined and broad strategies for spreading health-related information to people, irrespective of the language they speak. Strategies are translated into action plans in healthcare by defining a broad vision for the organization, identifying areas of excellence in which to invest, and priortizing critical health-related issues. The action plans are further defined by acquiring the necessary resources such as translators who can delivery professional healthcare translation to global patients.

    Healthcare centers need healthcare translators in order to clearly communicate information from patient to doctor and vice versa. As the global healthcare business expands and new treatments are discovered, it is imperative to spread this healthcare business worldwide. A healthcare translator delivers healthcare translation for error-free communication, and it is vital that every healthcare center should have a translator for unhindered communication between doctors and patients.

    The healthcare business encompasses healthcare translation of a broad range of medical information. This also includes the translation of training videos that are designed to help educate medical staff about different medical processes. Video translation services can be useful for communicating the healthcare information and treatment to patients, regardless of what language they speak and the country they belong to.

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