Term of Use

Last update: 1 January 2020

Kindly read the agreement carefully. If you don’t go through the terms of use in the agreement carefully then you are unable to use the website appropriately. Moreover, it will result in a violation of the agreement. This website lifesciencetranslation.com is an intellectual property of Life Science Translation (referred to as “we”, “us”, or “company”) in the document.

As a visitor or client, you should agree on the terms of use so that you can access the website as per the guidelines.

  • Terms of Use suggest standard terms to follow.
  • The Clause headings are for your reference. They shall not alter the interpretation of these terms of use.
  • The documents that contain reference material from books and the other data included in the information are present in computer programs, disks, and other machines that can alter the information in a readable form.
  • Technical words used on the website are according to the computer terminology used in the computer industry of the USA.
  • If any party disagrees with any part of the contract, then the agreement between the parties shall have the following priority.
    1. Agreement between the parties according to the service level.
    2. Following terms of use
  • Confidential information is the information that is confidential to us and the client. Moreover, it is the information that is only available to us and to the clients concerning the company’s services.
  • Intellectual property rights mean, any rights of the copyright, database right, trademark, brand name, trade name, service mark, registered right, registered design, business name, and chip topography that knows how to secure data. Any industrial or intellectual property regardless of your capability of being registered or not can make you eligible to follow such rights.
  • Order means the work you demand from the service provider.
  • Original works mean the file material, documents, and the work provided by you to the clients.
    Services mean life science translation provided by us to clients.
  • Translated Works means the files materials, documents, and translated work provided by us to the clients according to their requirements.
  • Work products are the end services and products provided by us to the clients.
  • A contract is a mutual agreement between the customers and us and it consists of the purchase order from the customers according to the terms of use.
  1. A contract only comes into existence if we complete your order by providing a written translation to you.
  2. The contract will be eligible when it follows the Terms of Use. The terms that are provided by you with the order have no effect. Any of our directors can make changes to the written contract.
  3. The quotations are not binding forces. Our written quotation is eligible when a client places an order within 15 days from the date of quotation.
  4. Quotations are set according to the description of the source material. Moreover, as per the objective and instructions of the translation. If the material of source content is not enough, the company can alter the quotation anytime.
  5. All the published material in our brochures and catalogs is just a general description. Therefore, they are not a part of a contract.
  6. These terms of use apply to all service providers. Moreover, they must provide terms in writing that shall be agreed u pon by both parties.
Price and Payment
  1. Discounts in the quoted price are only applicable if invoices are paid within 30 days of receipt.
  2. Prices also include delivery of the final product at the designated address.
  3. Quotations provided other than USD depends upon the rate of exchange at the time when a quote is provided. Otherwise, the price may fluctuate according to the currency rate that is prevailing on the issuing of the invoice.
  4. After the date of the invoice, the payment shall be made within 30 days. All payments are free from bank charges without any deduction.
  5. If the client is unable to pay any invoice following specified terms in the contract, then the company is eligible to suspend the work on the same order or another order from the client.
  1. The date of delivery of the work is provided by us. Turnaround time is not factored in to consider the quality of the work. Any delay in work and delivery shall not make the client reject or disclaim the contract.
  2. The company is not responsible for any circumstances that lead to the delay in delivery. If the delay is because of exceptional circumstances like, shortage of labor, government law and order, calamities, weather conditions, and anything which is not in the control of a company then the client cannot question the company.
  3. Delivery or posting of work through post or email is the transmission of work to you. Any ambiguity and risk associated with work shall be delivered to you with work.
  4. Clients can also pay in installments. These instillments can be decided by the company. Such installments shall be separate obligations. Any discrepancy in installments shall result in disclaiming the entire contract.
Our Responsibility and Liability
  1. The services shall be carried by skillful resources and shall abide by all the rules and regulations of the translation industry.
  2. The company shall use proficient translators, interpreters, and other skilled resources to produce state-of-the-art translated work.
  3. No terms and warranties apply to the quality of work. The services and quality of work are coordinated as set out in the contract.
  4. There shall be no liability on the client if there is any misrepresentation or any negligence on the behalf of the contract. No matter if it is in written form or oral form. You are not eligible to withdraw the contract basis of misrepresentation.
  5. We do not guarantee that translated work is according to your specific requirements. Moreover, we don’t agree on the point that translated work delivered to you is error-free or uninterrupted. Furthermore, we don’t guarantee the representation of our work regarding its reliability and correctness.
  6. You shall acknowledge that the original and translated work that is submitted to you on the internet can be free from any bugs. Even if you submit your order in encrypted form still there is a chance of loss or corruption of work. Moreover, the original or translated work can be intercepted.
  7. In case of any death or injury then the translated work will be limited because of the following reasons.
  • The company shall not be liable to damage of your reputation, loss of profit, business, contracts, revenues, savings, and any other subsequent loss
  • If there is any liability in the contract in respect to translated work or the services, then the price payable should not exceed the contract in which the claim is mentioned.
  • If you want to make any claim regarding services or translated work then you shall notify the company within 30 days of delivery with full details. If due to any reason, you are unable to claim in a specified time then the company shall not be liable.
  • In case of any inaccuracies in the translated work, you must notify us within 30 days of delivery. In this way, the company is liable to rectify inaccuracies that are justified. These allegations shall not delay the payments.
Return/Cancellation policy
  1. Only those payments are refunded if the project is not delivered on time. The premium price of the project is charged if you require the project on an urgent basis. Payments of the projects that are charged with normal prices are not eligible for refunds. We can also delay their turnaround time.
Your Responsibility and Liability
  1. You shall make sure that the material that you provide doesn’t contain any offensive material so that it cannot harm the intellectual property rights of other third parties. If the clause is agreed by us for any of your associated companies, then you shall terminate the contract within one year with the company and the translator or interpreter who has provided you with the services under the contract. In case of the violation of the clause, you shall pay us an amount that is equal to the amount that we paid to the translator for your work from the date you used our services of the translator.
  2. If you want us to provide you services at your place or any other place then you shall.
  • Designate the member of the staff with the required attitude, skills, and experience to assist us in our activities.
  • You shall provide us with access to your systems and premises and other activities that shall help us in completing your order.
  • Provide us with precise and accurate information so that we shall provide you with state-of-the-art services.
  • Make sure that all safety and security precautions are provided at all places of your premises.
  • The company is liable to charge you with additional charges and expenses if they come across any risky situation at your premises or if they are provided with offensive material.
Intellectual Property
  1. An intellectual property right shall be included in your services and translated work according to the license. However, to avoid any ambiguity, we can use original work and translated work during the contract to provide seamless services to you.
Confidentiality & Data Protection
  1. To provide impeccable services, no party can use the information of the other party because of data protection and confidentiality.
  2. Nor any party can disclose information to another person to keep the data confidential.
  3. Each party shall comply with the performance of its obligations under these terms and conditions in all situations.
  4. We can process any data to provide services to you according to your requirements.
  1. If the scope of the word is reduced and omitted or it depends upon a third party even then the price of the contract shall remain unchanged unless you committed in advance. The sample of work provided to us or the translated work done by us will be handed over to you according to the contract, even if the contract is canceled.
  2. The company can terminate the contract by sending a legal notice to you.
  • You are not allowed to breach the contract. If you breach the contract due to any reason, then you shall provide the reason for breach within 7 days of notice so that it can be rectified.
  • If you agree with your creditors in case of any bad doubt or threat to cease a business then strict jurisdiction action against you cannot be taken.
  • Any termination shall not alter the rights and remedies of any party.
Dispute Resolution
  1. If any dispute arises among the parties regarding translation work or services then they shall appoint a person within 7 days of notice by either of these parties. This person is chosen by the chairman of the translation and interpreting company to resolve the dispute.
  2. This person shall be appointed as a decision-maker and not as a mediator so that his words are binding and final.
  3. The expense of this person is borne by both the parties equally.
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