Professional Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Get professional-quality pharmaceutical translation services from top-rated translators.

    Pharmaceutical Translation Services

    Top-Quality Pharmaceutical Translation Services

    The rapid growth and continuous expansion of the medical industry show the significance and need for professional pharma translation services. Most of these companies are operating in multiple countries and regions. For a smooth running of these companies and hassle-free communication, various kinds of pharmaceutical documents require translation, and that’s where you need our help.

    A poor-quality translation can lead to the failure of drug approval to launch overseas as well as delays in market outreach. We provide you with professional translation services for your regulatory submissions carefully and precisely so that you can grow and expand your business worldwide confidently. In the field of medical and healthcare sciences, LST is working closely with a number of pharmaceutical companies and offering expert pharmaceutical translation services in more than 230 languages.

    Why Choose LST for Pharmaceutical Translation?

    Life Science Translation is the world’s leading pharmaceutical translation agency, removing language barriers and assisting a number of pharmaceutical companies in localizing their products and expanding their market overseas. We offer services in both short and long-term projects for a wide range of companies and businesses all over the world. 

    We offer high-end pharmaceutical translation services at the most affordable prices. We have created a highly developed business environment to achieve this goal. From the selection of translators to the delivery of the final product, every step of each translation project is managed professionally by our competent business team.

    We provide professional translation assistance in:

    pharmaceutical translation services
    Pharmaceutical Translation Services

    Pharmaceutical Documents We Cover

    Here at LST, with a diverse team of qualified and professional medical translators, we are providing top-notch pharma translation services with the fastest turnaround time. Currently, we offer industry-specific professional translation in more than 230 languages.

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    Translating Your Pharmaceutical Documents?

    Professional Regulatory Document Translation

    In the current global world, regulatory compliance is the key factor determining the success and failure of pharmaceutical companies and medical firms. Here at LST, we are assisting the leading pharmaceutical and clinical companies internationally to meet the standards of international regulatory compliance by providing a high-quality translation of a number of pharmaceutical and clinical documents.

    After spending millions of dollars on the development of your drugs or pharmaceutical products, it is not a responsible act to rely on unprofessional or inexperienced people for the translation and localization of your important pharmaceutical regulatory documents. You need help from skilled professionals and that’s where we can help!

    Pharmaceutical Translation Services
    pharma translations

    Pharma Website Translation Services

    Our services also include pharma website translations. We translate your pharmacy website and localize it for one-third of all internet users who speak a language other than English. When you have accurate translations for your tailored professional pharma website, you’d be able to engage your multilingual clients in a more effective way.

    Pharmaceutical Translation In 230+ Languages

    LST is one of the most trusted pharmaceutical translation companies and works to provide state-of-the-art translations for your industry-specific content. We combine the best translation tools and techniques to provide a comprehensive localization solution to your pharmaceutical documentation and translation needs.

    In over 230 languages, we help our clients localize their pharmaceutical documents with uncompromising quality to launch new products into foreign markets. So, look no further if you are looking for the best translation services pharmaceutical industry. Contact us today and get your hands on top-notch translation with the fastest turnaround time.

    Medical Localization Services
    pharma translation services

    Expert Translators for the Best Pharma Translation

    We have a dedicated team of certified medical translators who are highly qualified and experienced in the medical industry with in-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical terms and concepts. It enables us to deliver accurate professional pharma translations, which are second to none. Our skilled translators not only translate your pharmaceutical documents but also localize them for the specific target culture.

    We conduct special training for our medical translators to equip them with specialized skills, experience, and knowledge to guarantee efficiency and perfection in your pharmaceutical translation.

    Contact us today if you want to get your hands on professional pharmaceutical translation services at the lowest rates and with the fastest turnaround time.


    Pharmaceutical translations are written translations prepared from the beginning of drug development to its last stages. Professional pharmaceutical translation services play a vital role in bringing new pharmaceutical drugs to the market. It includes translation of pharmaceutical material in every step of the process–from research and regulatory compliance to drug manufacturing, labeling, and packaging. Owing to the highly sensitive nature of pharmaceutical translation, care should be taken to translate the material as accurately as possible.

    Translation for the pharmaceutical industry is crucial for drug development and trials. Most of the drug trials and testing are done on an international basis and rarely is a drug trial confined to a particular country. Translations are required at all stages of drug development, testing, patenting, and marketing process. Any slight inaccuracy in pharmaceutical translation can have disastrous and life-threatening consequences for the pharmaceutical administrators as well as global patients.

    Translation for the pharmaceutical industry is not only crucial for global healthcare business, it is also highly sensitive and comes with a number of challenges. Firstly, correct translation of medical and pharmaceutical terminology is a big challenge, as any variation in meaning can have disastrous consequences. Secondly, the healthcare industry is vast and each area has different terminologies related to the condition being treated. Translating country and region-specific medical terminologies can be quite difficult and complex. Lastly, accurate translation of abbreviations and acronyms related to medical and healthcare can also prove to be a challenging task.

    A translator for the pharmaceutical industry should possess a deep understanding of medical terminology and vocabulary in two or more languages. Along with having a comprehensive knowledge of the medical field, he should have the capability to read and understand the source language for correct translation. A knowledge of medical and pharmaceutical terms and words as well as a general knowledge of common diseases are essential qualities that a pharmaceutical translator should have. Here at LST, we have skilled and experienced pharmaceutical translators.

    These are some of the most commonly translated documents for the pharmaceutical industry:

    • Documents for clinical trials and clinical research
    • Patient recruitment documents
    • Packaging and labels
    • Patient records
    • Regulatory and compliance documents
    • Marketing material
    • Training material
    • Protocols
    • Pharmacological study documents
    • Data sheets
    • Informed consent forms
    • Patients reports
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