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    We’re medical translators. We know your industry. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the healthcare and medicine field. You can always rely on us for professional medicine translation services. We won’t let you down.

    Rather, the quality and consistency of our medicine translation will leave you stunned, no matter the content type or target language. You will break into previously untapped markets with confidence. All regulatory bodies will welcome you. New revenue streams will get unlocked, allowing you to scale your business in unimaginable ways.

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    Medicine Translation Services in 230+ Languages

    We’re a medicine translation agency that enables your business to speak as many languages as your global audience speaks. Currently, we support over 230 languages, and we’re continuously adding more. Talk about our language pairs, there’re more than 800 language combinations we provide translations for.

    Add to this the industry specialization we bring, our strongest suit. What does all of this mean for you? A massive opportunity to partner with us and succeed across cultures and across geographies. Because now you’re borderless, you’ll be amazed to see the great affluence that comes your way!

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    Translation For Medication Labels

    The medication labels contain important information. If it’s over-the-counter (OTC) labels, they include details about active and inactive ingredients, purpose, warnings, etc. If they are prescription labels, they are usually more complex having details such as medication dosage, schedule, identification of the prescription, date filled, and others. Sometimes an auxiliary label will also be added to the medication package to highlight the administration, storage, and associated risks.

    As the demand for medication and healthcare products grows around the world, all such content needs to be translated. This often necessitates working with professional medical translators who not only are linguistically fluent but also have experience dealing with sensitive medical texts. Failure to find them can lead to at best poor, at worst fatal translations. However, when you work with LST, we can take translation services for medicine instructions and labeling off your to-do list. Hence, you would expand your global outreach with a high success rate.

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    Translation For Clinical Research

    Clinical trials are required for every new drug or medicine before it can be considered safe. Multiple written documents are prepared for this process, from clinical trial protocols to informed consent forms, patient-reported outcomes, etc. All these documents contain highly specialized information that must be translated with profound accuracy while taking into account the recipients. This is why you need LST on your side.

    We provide professional medicine translation services in 230+ languages and can help you implement clinical trials in various regions and cultural settings. All our translators are subject matter experts with at least 2-3 years of experience in the medical industry. We draw on their field-specific expertise to translate clinical research documents with speed and accuracy.

    Accurate Medicine Translation For Patients

    If you’re a drug company ready to sell your medications around the world, it’s better to cover them under patent protection. While different countries might have different patent laws, you must get your medical patents translated into Portuguese, Japanese, Filipino, French, or other languages based on your country of interest. Failing to do so can put your intellectual property at risk of theft overseas.

    This is where patent translation companies such as LST come to the rescue. We’ve been providing professional medicine translation services to life science companies since 2012. Our bilingual experts have helped hundreds of clients tackle medical patent translations in a successful manner. They have developed a good understanding of patent laws in their target regions and can help you navigate the process of filing an international patent application with complete accuracy and authenticity.

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    Medicine Translation Agency with Swift Turnaround

    Nearly a decade ago, what began as a humble medical translation agency has now blossomed into one of the best in the business. The leading medicine and drug companies rely on us when they need quick results with unrivaled accuracy. There has never been a single instance where we missed a go-live or release date.

    Our medicine translators are always on time. Each translator is a wordsmith who translates in their first language and specialty area. They translate more than 3,000 words a day, all with an unanswering focus on quality. They are our biggest asset. It’s due to our professional medical translators that we’ve earned a great reputation among our worldwide clients.


    To promote proper communication between medical personnel and patients who may speak different languages, medicine translation refers to the translation of medical records and information from one language to another. This is essential to make healthcare services accessible to people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

    Medicine translation is necessary because it enables accurate communication of medical information between healthcare providers and patients who speak different languages, essential for ensuring proper diagnosis, treatment, and care. Misunderstandings or errors in medical translation can have severe consequences for the health and safety of patients.

    The process of using scientific information and discoveries from fundamental research to create novel medical treatments, diagnostic tools, and other useful applications that benefit patients and the broader public is known as translation in medicine.. For example, translating research findings about a particular disease into developing a new drug or treatment strategy requires extensive testing and refinement through clinical trials, which involves collaboration between researchers and other stakeholders.

    The challenges in medical translation include the following:

    • Technical and specialized terminology.
    • Cultural and linguistic differences.
    • Accuracy and precision requirements.
    • The need for regulatory compliance and ethical considerations.

    There are several ways to find a translator for medicine translation, including:

    • Contacting a professional translation agency that specializes in medical translations;
    • Searching for freelance medical translators online through platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, or ProZ
    • Asking for referrals from colleagues or other healthcare professionals who may have worked with a medical translator before;
    • Reaching out to medical schools or universities offering translation programs and requesting a referral to a student or graduate specializing in medical translation.
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