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    Gain a Competitive Edge with Medical Localization

    There is no room for mistakes in the medical translation industry. Whether you are launching your new medical software or revamping your healthcare website, you need to localize it well to make an impact on global target markets. Also, it will help you to stand ahead of your competitors.

    Considering the sensitive nature of the medical content and the complexity of terminology involved, it’s important to invest in a medical localization company to translate and localize your healthcare business, website, or apps into different languages.

    Medical localization is more crucial than any other industry-specific translation and the level of accuracy it demands can only be achieved by skilled professionals. That’s where you need to hire LST.

    Why Choose LST for Medical Localization Service?

    Medical language translation requires the understanding of specific medical abbreviations and terminologies. Different medical terminologies have separate meanings in other languages. Therefore, translation and localization of your medical documents from experienced medical translators are essential for expanding your medical or healthcare business abroad. And that’s exactly what we are here for!

    • We have in-depth experience and expertise in the healthcare industry.
    • We possess invaluable state-of-the-art translation technology.
    • Our medical localization services cater to the needs and demands of the target audience.
    Medical Localization services
    Medical Localization Services

    Medical Website Localization

    Here at LST, we understand the sensitive nature of your medical work. Our diverse team of professional medical translators and localization experts provide accurate Medical website Localization services allowing our clients to engage and communicate with their international customers efficiently.

    A website is the first point of contact with a potential customer. If you are in the healthcare business, here are some thought-provoking stats for you:

    • Globally, 72 percent of consumers show interest in websites in their native language.
    • Approximately 64 percent of customers hardly shop from English websites.
    • In Asia, more than 1 billion internet users do not understand English.

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    Localizing Medical Devices or Software?

    Medical Software Localization

    Medical software localization has become integral to the healthcare industry. Hospitals operate medical devices which run on medical software. It allows them to access the patient’s documentation instantly. Hence, the need for medical software localization services has become an integral part of the medical industry.

    At LST, we localize medical software in the format you require. Moreover, our certified medical software localization services use integration and text extraction tools to mitigate costs while improving your medical software’s quality.

    medical localization company
    Medical Localization Services

    Medical Application Localization

    The medical industry is undergoing a significant digital revolution. Medical organizations are moving beyond traditional treatment methods to create a seamless mobile experience for patients, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to connect them at large. This transformation requires technological innovations in all areas of the medical industry. Therefore, several medical companies have shifted to medical applications to assist customers by managing their medical procedures. However, assistance from medical app Localization services becomes crucial to do that on a global scale.

    • More than five million applications are available on the Android mobile store on iOS today.
    • Each phone user uses approximately 30 applications per month and spends about two hours browsing through the many options available on the internet daily.

    Expand Your Global Outreach with LST

    Language and technical knowledge are required to localize your medical documents precisely and efficiently. That’s why you need to seek professional assistance when it comes to localizing medical websites and apps.

    At LST, our subject matter experts have a solid grip over medical dictionary localization. It makes them effectively translate every medical terminology with a hundred percent accuracy. On top of that, regional expertise, a systemized plan, and best practices to manage language translation through modern digital technology make us your go-to option for medical localization.

    Moreover, our professional medical localization services allow you to achieve high localization outcomes with the best user experience. Not every medical localization company can claim to exhibit such effective translation services. But our years of experience allow us to sustain our performance long-term.

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    Medical Localization Services


    The medical field is an ever-expanding vast one, with new medical developments paving the way for a greater need for communication. Mainly concerned with healthcare and medical practices, there is a need to convey medical findings across languages and borders for improved healthcare practices. Medical localization is the adaptation of medical content, pharmaceutical developments, scientific research, and medical devices to fit the cultural, linguistic, and regulatory requirements of target markets. Medical localization makes medical practices, developments, and scientific research available to a greater number of people with different linguistic backgrounds, to facilitate better healthcare practices and treatments, irrespective of the language.

    Professional and expert medical localization services are an integral part of the global healthcare system. Since localization connects people of different linguistic backgrounds, medical localization makes the communication of medical developments, and healthcare practices easier for people around the globe. Moreover, it improves the lives of patients worldwide owing to the spread of medical developments and treatments across linguistic boundaries, facilitating doctors and the healthcare community at large. Localization is also important, as it helps doctors and healthcare workers comply with health regulations in different countries for enhanced medical practices. By localizing medical developments, devices, research papers, medical technology, clinical trials, and pharmaceutical developments, global healthcare practices can be improved and refined further.

    Medical localization and translation are important as they facilitate the communication of medical and healthcare practices and developments across linguistic and cultural boundaries. As the spread of medical developments and practices is necessary for efficient healthcare practices across boundaries, localization eases the process of this communication, while facilitating healthcare practices for the global community. Furthermore, as medical localization mainly involves the adaptation of medical content such as pharmaceutical labels, medical devices, research papers, scientific research, and biotechnological developments, the adaptation of this medical content allows the global patient community to benefit from the latest medical and healthcare developments and practices.

    The medical industry is highly regulated, with new developments and practices making way for better and improved healthcare practices across boundaries. Medical devices are equipment and materials used in medical procedures and practices worldwide, such as surgical devices, medical technology devices, machines, and drug-manufacturing equipment. Accordingly, medical device localization refers to the adaptation of content related to medical devices, such as user manuals, technical specification papers, interfaces, and software, to fit the linguistic and cultural needs of the target market. Moreover, medical device localization makes the spread of medical information accessible across linguistic boundaries, in order to enable improved and enhanced healthcare practices, irrespective of the language.

    Localization services are an important part of the globalization process for many companies. Medical device localization is mainly concerned with the localization and adaptation of medical device content such as user manuals, interfaces, user files, and software. Medical device manufacturing companies need accurate and professional medical device localization as it equips them with the ability to reach out to the medical community across their native markets. Localization enables these medical device companies to gain access to a greater medical community across linguistic and cultural boundaries. Moreover, it improves the chances of medical device brands staying ahead in the global competition, allowing their brand to stay ahead for improved healthcare practices.

    Medical devices are required to undergo localization and adaptation processes for a number of reasons. Firstly, medical device localization is essential in ensuring safe and efficient medical healthcare practices across linguistic, geographical, and cultural boundaries. Secondly, medical device localization ensures that medical products are accessible to the global patient community for improved healthcare. Thirdly, the localization of medical devices increases efficiency for healthcare providers, allowing them to provide medical care easily and efficiently. Finally, medical device localization ensures compliance with medical and healthcare regulations of different countries, allowing medical device companies to develop a better relationship with the global medical community and regulatory authorities.

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