Professional Medical Document Translation Services

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Medical Document Translation Services

Accurate Medical Document Translation Services

In the medical industry, there is no space for error or inaccuracy as it may lead to serious health consequences or even death. Therefore, accurate and precise medical document translation is more crucial than any other translation. LST requires special terminology and language with complex meanings.

Medical Documents We Cover

In the current global world, the medical industry has expanded beyond borders. Because of this growing medical research and innovation trend, several medical documents require translation. Here at LST, we are offering expert and high-quality translation by the best document translator for several medical documents, including:

Medical Document Translation Services
Medical Document Translation Services

Accurate Translations by Top-Rated Medical Translators

Medical document translation services require a high level of subject matter experience and qualification because of their extremely complex and critical nature. This way, you can communicate the message accurately and precisely translate complex medical terminology and jargon. Medical translation is a highly responsible task because the smallest mistake could lead to fatal consequences.

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Medical Document Translation Services

Multiple File Formats for Medical Document Translation

Most of the time, our translators work with multiple types of files, their particular editing software, and several translation tools. Working with such multiple file types requires a lot of knowledge And information about different file formats. Here in LST, we provide medical document translation services in multiple file formats. For the translation of our medical records, we offer several formats, including HTML, XLXLIFF, Text,, CSV, Microsoft Office, Adobe, FrameMaker, Adobe InDesign, and PDF.

Translation for Medical Documents in 230+ Languages

LST provides highly accurate and precise translations with a fast turnaround to ensure effective communication with our overseas clients. We offer the translation of medical documents into more than 230 languages, including all the major languages of Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Scandinavian countries. For instance, German, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic.

Medical Document Translation Services
Medical Document Translation Services

Why You Need Medical Document Translation Services?

In the contemporary world, translating medical documents is the need of the hour. These medical document translation services are essential to provide better care and treatment to patients of foreign languages. Hospitals, clinics, laboratories, emergency centers, public health centers, and nursing homes use professional translation services to ensure a more manageable treatment process and get accurate patient information.


Medical document translation requires extreme accuracy and clarity for translation, owing to the highly sensitive and specialized nature of the content. Medical documents can be translated by carefully analyzing the document before translation and seeking any help if required. It then involves setting up a glossary of medical terms for checking. Lastly, medical documents are translated using a medical glossary and by referring to medical dictionaries and files. After these medical documents are translated, they need to be proofread extensively to omit any errors.

Translating a medical report is a part of availing medical document translation services from certified and professional translators. The foremost step in the translation of medical reports is to identify the report needed to be translated. Identify with your healthcare practitioner the part of the report that needs translation. Then, you have to submit your report for translation. We will go through it and assign the task to a certified medical translator. Once your report is translated, it will be proofread by an expert and you will receive your translated report in the committed time.

Medical documents are a part of the highly specialized and sensitive medical document translation process. Owing to the specialized nature of the content that may involve the translation of complex terms and references, the average cost of translating a medical document may be $0.12 to $0.50 per source word. You can contact us for instant quote.

Medical document translations are carried out by expert and professional translators, who possess ample knowledge of complex medical terminology. Owing to the complex and technical nature of medical documents, it is quite difficult for a person to translate medical documents. Unless the person has specialized medical knowledge and can deal with complex medical terminology, the task of medical translation should be done by certified and professional medical translators. That’s where LST can help.

Medical document translation services are carried out by professional medical translators. Due to the sensitive nature of medical information, the process of medical document translation might take some time. Although it varies from document to document, medical documents can be translated within 3 to 4 days if they are long. If you want to know how long will we take for translating your documents, get in touch, share your files and we will get back to you shortly.

Medical document translation requires specialized knowledge as well as expertise in medical terminology translation. Google Translate may be an accurate tool for translation, but it is not effective for medical translation. The reason is that Google Translate does not provide the required accuracy, nuance, or confidentiality that is required for the translation of critical medical content. Therefore, it is recommended to hire professional medical translation services. LST is there for your help.

Medical document translation involves submitting medical files or reports to professional medical translators. To obtain medical document translation, you need to submit your medical documents to us, we have professional and certified medical translators. The translators will carefully scrutinize and examine the content to be translated and will translate it for you. After reviewing and proofreading, your medical documents will be ready for use.

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