Professional Environment Translation Services

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    Professional Environment Translation Services

    Why you need Environment Translation Services

    Environmental translations are saturated with specialized terminology. This necessitates that translators must maintain high-level standards while performing the job at hand. Hence, you must always weigh the risks before hiring a freelancer to complete an environmental translation. Chances are, you’ll be sending the document to a professional translation company for running additional QA. As a result, you pay twice.

    So, it’s a no-brainer why you’d want to order professional environment translation services in the first place. Be smart and entrust your project to a professional agency like ours.

    By partnering with LST, you can rest assured that only a qualified linguist with relevant industry knowledge and experience will be assigned to you. You’ll also like our service because we promise 100% accuracy of the translations we produce, and guarantee the project is completed within your timeline and budget constraints.

    Environment Translation Company you can Trust

    LST is a leading environment translation agency that works with a global network of environmental experts who can deal with over 800 combinations of languages. It’s our translators that make all the difference. They are multilingual native professionals with specializations in the field of environment, covering all major areas from global warming and pollution prevention to waste management, sustainability, renewable energy, and more.

    The number of clients who can attest to the quality of our professional environment translation services is in the thousands. These include individuals, government agencies, SMBs, and leading corporations alike. Wonder why clients rely on us?

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    Environment Translation for Climate Change

    Climate change is a global problem. One government or business organization can’t tackle it. Rather, there’s a dire need for different countries and environmental bodies to make a collective effort to achieve the desired results. This is where translation services have a role to play. Only by considering professional environment translation services, the climate change companies, community organizations, and international governments can ensure seamless multilingual communication and collaboration between each other.

    LST has in-depth experience in providing environment translation services for climate change documents in over 230 languages. Our experts follow the best-in-class translation and localization process that always yields excellent quality deliverables for all climate change content and material types. Whether you need to translate your climate change documents between English and Spanish, Chinese and French, or between any language pair, our professionals will deliver a solution that sets you up for international success.

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    Environment Translation Solutions for Renewable Energy

    As part of our comprehensive environment localization services, LST provides high-quality translation solutions that solve linguistic challenges of the energy industry, especially the renewable energy sector. As countries all around the world are accelerating their efforts to maximize resources, we equip them with seasoned environmental translators to bridge any communication gaps they may face while communicating with people.

    The challenge renewable energy translations pose is, there are so many research and development efforts being made to reuse and recycle the energy resources, such as solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, and water.  But, thanks to our environmental specialists and linguist who keep up to the minute information of all the latest research and terminologies to perform environment translations of the highest quality, always.

    Translation Services for Environmental Science

    Environmental science draws on biology, zoology, ecology, oceanography, meteorology, chemistry, physics, geology, engineering, atmospheric science, and soil science to study environmental problems as well as what impact human actions have on the environment. This plays a significant role in shaping and informing government policies and company initiatives around the world.

    Due to the growing concern of the public about environmental problems, governments, and research organizations need to translate their environmental science documents. This is where we help. Being a professional environment translation agency, we have linguistic resources in our arsenal and are fully capable of translating research reports, scientific publications, scholarly articles, e-learning materials, and any other technical or non-technical documents related to the environmental science field.

    Our translators have more than a decade of experience in delivering professional environment translation in over 230 languages commonly spoken around the planet Earth.

    Environment Translation Services
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    Best Environment Translation for ESG Documents

    ESG is short for Environmental, social, and governance. These are the three factors that help determine the impact of a business on the environment and society, as well as how accountable that business is. For instance, the environmental criteria measures what safeguards a company has in place to protect the environment, including things such as a corporate policy to address climate change.

    If we talk about the social impact, it examines how a company manages its relationships with the employees as well as different stakeholders like suppliers, vendors, communicates, customers, and countries they operate in. Governance assesses the leadership of the company, its shareholder rights, internal controls, audits, and executes. All this gives birth to an enormous amount of documentation that needs to be translated. This is why you need LST on your side. We are providing professional environment translation for all ESG document types, since our inception. 


    The process of translating environmental documents, such as reports, laws, and regulations, into different languages is known as “environmental translation.” This fosters cooperation and communication between nations and regions and helps make environmental information accessible to a worldwide audience.

    The typical cost of environment translation services can vary depending on several factors, such as the length and complexity of the text, the language pair, and the turnaround time required. Typically, the price per word might range from a few cents to many dollars. To find out the exact price for your unique demands, it is recommended to get a quote from a professional translation service provider.

    The requirements for environmental translation include a strong understanding of both the source and target languages and knowledge of the relevant ecological terminology and concepts. The translator should also have solid knowledge of the cultural and socioeconomic aspects that could influence the translation, such as regional perspectives on environmental issues. It is also essential for the translator to be familiar with any relevant regulations and guidelines in both the source and target countries.

    The challenges in environment translation include:

    • Accurately conveying complex scientific concepts and terminology.
    • Ensuring cultural sensitivity and appropriateness.
    • Addressing linguistic variations and nuances between different languages.

    It is essential to use specialized environmental translation services to ensure the translation is accurate, precise, and culturally appropriate.

    To find a translator for environmental translation, you can start by looking for translation agencies or freelance translators who specialize in environmental or sustainability-related topics. You can also search for translators with experience translating documents related to environmental science, climate change, or renewable energy. You can check their qualifications, experience, and reviews from previous clients before selecting a translator. You can also seek recommendations from coworkers or industry leaders who have completed similar tasks.

    Environment document translation aims to make environmental documents, such as reports, policies, and regulations, accessible to people who speak different languages. People can better understand how environmental concerns affect their communities and take action to safeguard the environment by translating these documents.

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