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Dental translation necessitates not only accuracy but also an excellent understanding of dental products and terminology. Just like you, we don’t like taking chances. As a result, we only employ professionally qualified and native dentistry translators.

All our translators are linguistically fluent and keep themselves abreast of the field knowledge. This enables them to produce a well-worded dental text phrase after phrase after phrase without a fail. Most interestingly, our experts have been doing it since 2012. So, it should come as no surprise why LST has become a center of excellence for professional dental translation services in the world.

Dental Software Localization & Translation Services

Dentistry practices today are not the same as they were ten to twenty years ago. The use of dental software and apps has taken the industry by storm. As dental companies look to take advantage of this opportunity, we provide them with end-to-end dental software localization services so they can win over international markets.

Aware of how critical software translations are for patients and professionals, our localization experts will adapt your software so that no linguistic, cultural, or regulatory requirements are overlooked. The result is a seamless user experience that transcends linguistic borders and inspires trust among consumers.

Dental Software Localization Services
Dental Equipment Translation Services

Dental Imaging Equipment Translations

Imaging technologies contribute to the smooth operation of a dental practice. And we do the same for you. At LST, we provide professional dental equipment translation services for a range of dental imaging systems, such as digital x-rays, visualization software, 3D dental imaging equipment, and more. Thus, language shift is not a hurdle anymore for your global expansion.

Our professionals are native translators who can help you translate a variety of technical materials pertaining to dental imaging equipment. User manuals, compliance paperwork, training materials, and software strings are just a few common documents they handle regularly. When you rely on us, you will get certified dental equipment translation services for your imaging products. Don’t worry about linguistic accuracy, fluency, and technical precision – it’s on us.

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Dental e-Learning Translation Services

You develop high-quality dental products and want to train and educate your users around the world with the best e-learning materials. We can help. Our experts have in-depth experience translating product and usage information as well as video-based training modules and courses into any language.

We will connect you with your target audience by providing professional dentistry translation services for e-learning, workshops, and seminar materials. Whether you’re looking to conduct corporate training or want to educate your customers, we’ll assist you in doing that with reliable translations in Simplified Chinese, Canadian French, German, and many more.

Multilingual Research & Development Translations

Your ground-breaking dental products must demonstrate their viability in clinical trials in order to get marketing authorization. Being a certified dental translation agency, we understand that the documentation used in this procedure must remain very secret. Therefore, our translation team handles these documents with utmost care and consideration.

All our translators are obliged by contracts to maintain complete confidentiality in all aspects. Having years of experience providing professional dental translation services, they know that even the smallest inaccuracies can damage your reputation. So, they pay close attention to detail, and you can be certain that your confidential dental translations will be flawlessly accurate and consistent throughout, in the language of your choice.

dental handpiece translation services
dental handpiece translation

Dental Handpiece Translation Services

A dental handpiece is one of, if not the most important instruments of dental practice. If your company produces or distributes this dental equipment around the world, you must ensure that your products are understood in overseas markets.

We are a dentistry translation agency that will help translate your handpiece documentation into new languages. Thus, with the help of our professional dental translation services, you can be able to create meaningful connections with your dental consumers.

Our translators make sure that your target text is correct and makes sense. They have years of experience translating all sorts of information related to dental handpieces. Whether you need to translate IFU (information for use), product guides, warning & study labels, or any marketing materials, they have got your back.

Dentistry Translation Services

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At LST, we work exclusively in the medical field. For over a decade, we’ve supported thousands of global ventures through professional standard translations across various medical disciplines. So, why not take advantage of our broad industry-specific expertise?

We have thousands of skilled, native-speaking medical translators who can offer you quick, accurate, and cost-effective dental equipment translation services.

Our experts are real specialists when it comes to the dental industry. By entrusting your dental translations to us, you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands.

Here is a list of materials that our dental translation team mainly deals with:

professional dentistry translation services

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