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Certified Clinical Trial Translation Services to Ensure Precision and Accuracy.

    Clinical Trial Translation Services

    Top-Notch Clinical Trial Translation Services

    LST is a clinical trial translation company that can help you with clinical trial translation in over 230 languages.

    Accuracy is of prime importance for effective communication and decision-making during clinical trials, and we strive to ensure that all translations are done promptly and accurately. Our goal is to support our clients in their clinical trial efforts by providing them with the translation services they need to succeed.

    Participants in clinical trials come from diverse countries and cultures, which can create communication barriers and make it difficult for them to understand the complex documents associated with the trial fully. To overcome this challenge and ensure the trial’s success, we provide comprehensive translation services tailored to our client’s specific needs.

    Increased medical examinations and clinical research around the globe have called for precise and accurate clinical translation.

    Why You Need Clinical Trial Translation Services

    The rapid spread of epidemics necessitated the need for professional clinical trial translation services. Clinical trials and medical experiments have led to fast-paced medical development and potential testing. Each clinical trial follows a protocol that facilitates communication between all the people involved in the trial.

    The language used in clinical trials is becoming increasingly diverse, where it combines medical terms, settings, and technical jargon (for example, industry-specific terms), as well as includes many unfamiliar traits of other medical and healthcare documents. Therefore, it is important that the medical trials should be translated into languages understandable and comprehensible to each person taking part in the trial.

    Here at LST, we offer professional clinical trial translation. We possess the human resource and the technology to deliver accurate translations within a shorter turnaround time.

    clinical trial translation services
    Clinical Trial Translation Services

    One-Stop Solution for Clinical Trial Documents

    The leading international health research companies are obliged to conduct medical trials in accordance with the World Medical Association’s Declaration of Helsinki. Therefore, it is required that the examiner should deliver the necessary information in a language understood by all the participants in the clinical research, either written or verbally.

    • Medical notes
    • Medical guidelines
    • Protocol documents
    • Surgical instructions
    • Synopses

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    Translating Your Clinical Trial Documents?

    Clinical Trial Documents Localization

    Clinical Trial documents do not only need a word-to-word translation. It is essential to provide easy-to-understand information to the participants in their native language.

    Here at LST, we provide the best clinical research and trials translations. Our team of insightful native linguists is equipped with valuable cultural knowledge about the target regions. They possess a unique combination of healthcare experience and training that enables them to deliver information in a way easily adapted by the relevant audience in their language.

    Their understanding of the cultural norms, values, and practices of the target region allows them to deliver clinical research translation services that are accurate and culturally appropriate. This ensures that the intended audience effectively understands and acts upon the information. In short, their unique combination of linguistic and healthcare expertise makes them highly effective in communicating complex healthcare information to diverse audiences.

    Clinical Trial Translation Services
    certified clinical trial translation services

    Our Professional Clinical Trial Translators

    In the medical industry, the ability to accurately translate information is of the utmost importance, particularly in clinical research translation. This translation must adhere to strict accuracy, precision, and compliance standards to ensure that important medical information is conveyed correctly. 

    Several clinical documents require translation and each of them plays a crucial role in the trial’s success.

    • Here at LST services, we have acquired professional human translators that abide by the standards necessary to translate medical documents accurately.
    • We have vast experience plus adequate knowledge about medical documentation and how they are to be translated for a foreign target market, making them capable of handling medical files.

    Clinical Trial Translations In 230+ Languages

    At LST, we provide top-notch clinical trial translation services in over 230 languages. For more than 20 years, we have been helping the top clinical and pharmaceutical companies by providing them with professional translation services for their clinical trials and research. We offer multilingual services to leading pharmaceutical companies and multiple medical firms all over the globe.

    Being a top clinical trial translation agency, we offer comprehensive professional language translation services for all stages of your clinical trial. We understand that accurate and efficient communication is crucial for the success of your trial, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

    Our services include text, audio, and video translation to ensure that all your needs are met. We begin by assisting with initial advertising efforts, helping to attract a diverse group of eligible patients for the trial. Once patients are admitted, we provide translation services for all necessary documentation, including informed consent forms and medical history documents.

    Clinical Trial Translation Services
    professional clinical trial translation services

    Why Choose LST for Clinical Translation

    We understand the importance of clear and open communication between all parties involved in the trial, including patients, doctors, and researchers. This is why we support post-trial communication to ensure that everyone is informed and all questions are answered. This helps ensure a smooth patient transition and allows for valuable feedback and insights to be shared among researchers and healthcare professionals.

    The clinical trial process is a crucial step in developing and approving new medications and treatments. The ability to accurately and quickly translate essential documents and information is vital for the success of these trials. As a clinical trials translation company, we recognize the significance of precise and timely translation in the clinical trial process and are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of service.


    Translation of clinical trial is essential as all new drugs and medical devices need to undergo a rigorous testing process before they are used in medical practice. Clinical trial translation is also a key component of multilingual communication which is an important requirement for medical administration across the globe. Moreover, clinical trial translation is critical in ensuring patient health, dissemination of medical knowledge, and for approval of medical regulatory authorities.

    Clinical trials for multilingual patients are conducted by medical linguists and life sciences subject matter experts who deliver linguistically fluent and accurate translation for clinical trials. Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) across the globe rely on expert and professional medical translators for translation of clinical trials who are capable of delivering technically and medically accurate clinical trial translations.

    Translating clinical trials is essential in ensuring:

    • The safety of global patients

    By translating clinical trials accurately, patients across the globe can benefit from the clinical studies and new drug inventions.

    • For approval by medical regulatory authorities

    Since every country has its own regulatory mechanisms and authorities to oversee the clinical trial process, a translated clinical trial can ensure the study adheres to regulatory guidelines.

    • For ensuring reputation soundness

    The reputation of pharmaceutical companies, medical institutes, and CROs is impacted by the quality of translated clinical trials. Any mistranslation can result in loss of reputation or a blow to financial soundness of these stakeholders.

    Clinical trial translation is important for clinical trials of drugs and testing, as well as drug development and dissemination. A translated clinical trial essentially ensures the safety of global patients, while playing a role in drug testing and development for the global patients. Moreover, clinical trial translation is the key component of medical and drug research on a global level.

    Accurate translations of clinical trials are extremely important in ensuring the drug research, testing, and marketing for the global market. An inaccurate translation of these drugs can lead to medical emergencies and mishaps whose effects may be hard to reverse. On the other hand, a properly translated clinical trial can ensure accurate communication between global pharmaceutical companies, patients, and medical companies, irrespective of the language.

    Here are a few types of clinical trial documents which can be translated.

    • Informed consent documents for patients
    • Clinical protocols
    • Supplementary instructional documents
    • Packaging, labeling, and instructions
    • Clinical files for obtaining CE certifications
    • Clinical outcomes assessment reports
    • Laboratory reported outcomes
    • Patient reported outcomes reports

    As a professional translation agency, we aim to deliver top-notch and high quality clinical trial translation in over 230 global languages. With an aim to provide world-class accuracy and precision in our clinical trial translation, we ensure your clinical trial documents and content are translated in the most professional manner, without any errors or mistranslations.

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