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    Biology Translation: Terminology is Vital

    Biological science documents are generally chock full of very diverse and specialized abbreviations, profile terms, and acronyms. A generalist who does not know the intricacies woven into the scientific vocabulary, nuances, and language of biological texts would be unable to produce a precise translation. This is where you need LST.

    We provide professional biology translation services rendered by biological science experts. Yes, most of our biology translators have a Ph.D. or Master’s degree in their specialty area. So, you won’t be working with just a language professional but a linguist who has in-depth knowledge of the biological industry and fully understands the terminology relevant to your specific field.

    Biology Document Translation: Accuracy is Central

    Remember access is one thing but understanding is another. With general translation services, you may get the message across but chances are that the essence of the meaning may get changed. Therefore, when you hire a professional with no relevant experience or industry background, it means you risk inaccuracies, confusion, or a poorly adapted version of your biological document. This is the last thing you want especially if you’re looking to tap into global markets. Because to enter global markets, not only your content should be culturally accurate but it should also meet the regulatory requirements of each country.

    Enter LST. We are a life science translation company that delivers first-rate translation services for biology documents of all kinds. Do your biological materials cover complex topics such as genomics, microbiology, botany, or genetics? Are you looking to achieve regulatory compliance for FDA, EMA, CFDA, or PMDA? No problem at all.

    Biology Translation Services
    Translation services for biology documents

    Biotechnology harnesses biological processes to create life-changing vaccines, drugs, diagnostics, and various other methods and products to help treat diseases and improve human health. As the world gets smaller, biotech companies are distributing these products on an international scale. Here comes the challenge.

    Global trade of these medications cannot progress and be effective if professional biology translation services are not taken into consideration. This is the only way to make sure that your new biotech products adhere to the strict laws and regulations in each market, as well as that your intended audiences clearly understand your message in their preferred language. 

    So, as you look to enter new worldwide regions, we stand ready to provide translation services for biology scientific documents throughout your entire journey. Whether you’re carrying out clinical research on a global scale or need to translate your innovative findings and reports, we will offer you the best translation and biology localization services.

    Having worked in the industry for more than a decade, we’ll deliver accurate solutions for all your biotech translation needs, such as patents, drug inserts, case report forms, clinical trial materials, regulatory compliance documents, specifications, marketing communications, website content, and more. Hence, you’ll be able to communicate accurately and more eloquently in new markets.

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    Translation Services For Microbiology

    There are various kinds of living things that are readily seen in nature and then there are creatures that we can’t see with the naked eye. Microbiology studies the latter. Life science companies and microbiologists deal with these tiny invisible creatures also known as microbes: like viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and prions. The study of microbes is useful in many ways such as to prevent viral diseases, treat bacterial infections, and identify uncommon diseases. But taking these innovative and life-saving microbial innovations and treatment options from the lab bench to respective patients around the world demands professional biology translation services who can handle all aspects of microbial translations. 

    Well-versed in translating all major branches of biology, LST helps both companies and individuals working in the field of microbiology with a full range of translation services in 230+ languages.

    Translation Services For Zoology

    Zoology, also called animal science, is the scientific study of the animal kingdom, including its behavior, structure, evolution, classification, physiology, habits, and more. Zoologists perform extensive research on all these topics to achieve success in international publication, encourage debate and discussions in the global scientific community, and perhaps even serve as inspiration for future studies. But linguistic barriers often pose a glaring challenge when it comes to taking this remarkable research work across borders.

    To overcome such language issues, LST provides biology document translation services for all major branches of biology such as zoology. Since zoology research papers and documents contain some of the most complex text, it requires a subject matter expert to create the most accurate and impactful translation of your research. Lucky for you, LST has hundreds of linguists who have specialization in zoology and have years of experience producing consistent, quality-focussed zoological translations in all major languages.

    Professional Biology Translation Services
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    Biology Translation Company You Can Count On

    LST is a professional biology translation company that has been serving biotech companies, pharmaceuticals, CROs, and various biotech startups that specialize in developing vaccines, drugs, or gene therapies, since 2012.

    We provide the most accurate biology translations in over 230 languages, including, but not limited to, Japanese, Chinese, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

    Being a leading biology translation provider, we understand that even small errors or inconsistencies in biological documents can have detrimental impacts around the world. As a result, we only employ translators who are subject matter experts with at least 3+ years of experience in dealing with biological science terminology and translations.

    Only by having these subject matter experts on your side, you can rest assured that your terminology and industry specifics are handled with the highest care, consideration, and proficiency. Thus, you’ll get the best biology translation work that would be adapted without distorting the essence or substituting the original meaning.


    Biology translation refers to the translation of documentation and material related to life sciences, pharmacy, medical, and healthcare fields. The field of biology is an extensive one, covering a wide range of content that is sensitive in nature, such as life science research, medical files, pharmaceutical studies, and scientific documents. Accurate and professional translation of these complex materials for medical treatment and diagnosis are included in biology translation.

    Translation for the biology field is a necessity owing to the demands of the global medical profession. Firstly, the scientific and medical terminology related to biology is complex. Careful translation is required in order to spread medical knowledge to the masses. Secondly, the field of biology has a number of different clinical specializations. These specializations often have specific acronyms and abbreviations related to illnesses, procedures and equipment. This means translation is important to convey the meanings of these abbreviations to the global community. Lastly, many countries require medical and biology documents to be written in their native languages, hence translation is important in order to cater to these needs.

    These are the steps of translation for biology material:

    • Communication with the client

    The first step in biology translation is communicating the scope of translation with the client. Open communication between the translator and client ensures the project needs are met.

    • Translation execution

    Once the translation scope has been defined, the next step is translation itself. This translation is carried out by expert and professional biology translators with accuracy and efficiency.

    • Post-translation review

    Review of the translation projects is also a critical step as any error in translation can have life-threatening consequences for the global patients and healthcare companies.

    Biology translation refers to the translation of training, software, technical, and regulatory material related to healthcare and the medical field. This is the process of translation in biology has three essential steps: translation, editing, and proofreading:

    • Translation:

    In this step, the client and the translator discuss the specifics of the task–who is the target audience, type of documents that need translation, drafting of style guide, and compilation of glossary and reference material required for translation.

    • Editing:

    Once the translation is complete, a proofreader or editor checks the translated text, matching it with the original to look for any discrepancy or errors.

    • Proofreading:

    This final step involves checking whether the translated text sounds natural and reads smoothly in target language. Any error or discrepancy in punctuation, abbreviation, capitalization, and formatting is also detected and corrected in this step.

    The main purpose and aim of translation in biology is to ensure medical, pharmaceutical, scientific, and healthcare content is disseminated for the benefit of the global community. Translation of complex terminology in biology can contribute in spreading scientific and medical knowledge to the patients across linguistic boundaries. Translation also serves to enhance and improve healthcare and medical practices across the globe by making medical knowledge available to everyone, irrespective of language.

    Although translation and transcription in biology serve the same purpose of communicating medical knowledge across linguistic barriers, there is one major difference between the two. Translation is the process of taking written text or audio and converting it into another language. On the other hand, transcription involves taking an audio/video file and converting it into written text in the same language that the speaker originally used. Translation deals with both oral and written translation, while transcription is concerned with getting only the written text from the oral material such as audio.

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