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30th March: National Doctor’s Day

Doctor; A Word That Demands Respect 

Doctors are deemed in the highest regard and given recognition for their devotion to helping humanity in the moment of their derailing health. There are certain civil services that do not play any significant role in the lives of many people. But healthcare workers and doctors are the ones that almost every citizen in the United States has taken assistance from.

Before we jump into the future implications of this day, let’s briefly discuss the History of the nation’s doctor’s day.

Historical Perspective

30th March 1933 was the day when doctor’s day was first celebrated. Georgia was the state that officially proclaimed the 30th March an honorary day for Doctors. And from that day it has been celebrated ever since. 

Initially, it was not a legal holiday, but in 1958, the U.S. House of Representatives passed out a resolution that commemorated 30th March to be Doctor’s day. On the contrary, other countries of the world celebrate doctor’s day on different dates. But the important thing is that almost every nation of the world considers its healthcare professionals in the highest regard. 

Traditions of The Day 

It is not just about sending a “thank you” note to the doctors. The gratitude transcends the formal recognition given to doctors. 

Gratitude Transcends Formal Recognition

Almost every citizen of the country appreciates the services offered by Doctors in one way or form. Children celebrate the day by making colorful notes and gift cards. Adults and other family members appreciate their town doctors by sending flowers. Some even take the initiative to create customized gifts for their favorite doctor or nurse. 

Spending Entire Day With Doctors 

Many people whose lives have been saved by doctors celebrate the 30th march at the next level. They offer to spend the entire day with their doctors. Inviting them to their houses, offering them food and drinks. Moreover, some cities or small towns even create exhibitions or large get-togethers in which their doctors are invented as chief guests. This shows that people do not take the services of these doctors for granted. They know they are the reason people are able to live healthier lives. Hence, the least they can do is to appreciate them for one day. 

Entertainment Perspective 

From an entertainment point of view, Americans are very sensitive about how they present and treat their doctors. And showcase that treatment to the rest of the world. We have seen that there are numerous TV shows, like Grey’s Anatomy, that give us a deep insight into the tough lives that are led by these brave healthcare soldiers. Every day is like a battle, and they are fighting to saves people’s lives. 

Doctors Are Humans Too

Nonetheless, they also showcase that doctors are humans too. Hence, they can be prone to make mistakes. People who believe that a doctor has to be perfect do not even know half of the daily stress that these people have to go through. Just because someone has been given the responsibility to take care of someone, does not negate the reality that human emotions and stress can take a toll on doctors as well. 

Sacrifice And Commitment To Save Lives 

Hence, it is the responsibility of people to give the benefit of the doubt. If a mistake is made, it is because some doctors succumb to the pressure and anxiety of fighting for a patient’s life. 

And that is what we see from these TV shows and movies. That is how the personal lives of these doctors get hampered due to the pressure of their job. Many of them have no time to give to their family and loved ones due to the nature of the job. This sacrifice and the commitment to save lives is what makes them so special. Therefore, they have to be appreciated. 

Why Americans Love Doctor’s Day 

1. The Saviours of the Nation

The COVID-19 period has shown us the fervent dedication that the doctors give to the Hippocratic Oath. They have to wear the most uncomfortable suits to treat patients. And that too on days on end. Some doctors even suffer from suffocation due to the PPE suits. 

Doctors are the real reason that the COVID death rate has considerably reduced. They put their own lives in jeopardy to protect the lives of their patients. This proves that doctors are the Saviour of the Nation. And a savior should be treated with the utmost respect. 

Apart from the governmental contribution, it is also imperative the general public play their role in celebrating the Saviour of the nation. 

2. It’s Not Just About Physical Pain

The assumption that doctors only heal the physical pain couldn’t be more incomplete. They may treat a patient’s wounds or recommend him an effective anti-biotic, but it’s the mental stress they relive by talking to their patients. 

The fact that they address the patient’s fears head-on and tell them that everything will be alright, is worth more than a muscle relaxant Injection. The majority of the people are actually looking for someone to tell them that everything is going to be alright. Moreover, they also offer valuable advice to their patients, by telling them how they can cope with their mental stress. These useful tools actually help them a long way. 

3. Bringing The Community Together

They may appear vicious when they cut a person’s body to remove tumors and other diseases, but doctors are the ones that actually heal a person’s heart. They are the ones that put a smile on the parents’ faces when they tell them that their child has recovered from the accident. And this is what brings the people together. 

The sheer joy of hearing the words” Congratulation, it’s a healthy baby” can only ignite the feelings of community and utmost satisfaction. 

There was a time when Infant mortality had the highest rating in the world due to a lack of medical professionals and resources. Now, it is because of the conscious choice that a young teenager makes of becoming a doctor, that has changed that bitter, harsh reality. 

Henceforth, it doesn’t matter what type of disease a doctor is treating. It’s actually the sense of community and togetherness, that doctors replenish, that make them an integral joining force of the community. 

4. Resilience And Dedication

You think you work long hours, wait till you hear the number of hours a serious medical professional has to give to do his or her job.

A doctor has to work for more than 70 hours per week. And these are just rookie numbers.  A senior doctor or an emergency medical officer sometimes has to work for 3 straight days without taking any rest. 

And in case of a crisis such as the COVID pandemic, many doctors contributed weeks and even months of hard work to handle the pandemic situation. 

When such commitment is given to serving others, one can do nothing but show love, appreciation, respect, and honor to the doctors. And 30th March is just one day of showing that appreciation. 


It’s imperative to appreciate the commitment and devotion to serving others that doctors exhibit in our community. One doesn’t have to do much, but just show a little bit of love to their community doctors. 

If you believe that they are humans too, and they also feel the need to be loved and respected, then you would celebrate this day too. Therefore, do not shy away from celebrating Doctor’s day on the 30th of March. 

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