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    The Arabic healthcare industry is an ever-expanding industry, with new technologies paving the way for better and improved patient care. As clinics, medical research organizations, and hospitals seek to expand into the Middle East market, professional and accurate Arabic medical translation services are the need of the hour. This is why LST delivers highly professional and linguistically valid Arabic translation services at affordable rates and quick turnaround times. With a focus on quality, accuracy, and precision, we cater to the translation requirements of all our clients, irrespective of the type and length of medical content.

    At LST, we believe in delivering high accuracy in all types of translation, whether it is the translation of medical insurance terms to Arabic, the translation of complex medical reports, or the interpretation of medical diagnoses to Arabic. We cover all types of medical content in Arabic, ranging from medical reports and documents to software, and medical websites. Our professional Arabic medical linguists ensure all medical translation is handled with the utmost accuracy, without leaving any room for errors. Moreover, pharmaceutical industries, clinical research organizations (CROs), biotech companies, manufacturers of medical equipment, and clinics rely on LST for high-quality and error-free translations of their most sensitive documents.

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    Accurate Arabic Medical Translation Support in Global Languages

    The diversity in healthcare provision is increasing by the day, as is the need for accurate and professional medical translation. LST provides professionally-acclaimed and instant medical translation services from Arabic to multiple languages and vice versa. Whether you are aiming to translate medical reports from English to Arabic or looking for reliable and certified medical interpreters for your patient records, LST has got you covered. To provide seamless medical translation services, we deliver professional medical translation solutions that are a class apart in professionalism, accuracy, and authenticity. In addition, LST covers medical translation in more than 230 global languages, including Arabic and English.

    English may be the main language of business correspondence, but it is not the native language of all patients across the world. At LST, we believe in delivering accuracy, and precision in the form of medical translation into Arabic and other languages. Our streamlined processes and easy execution of translation tasks are designed to give optimal benefit to all our clients, whether they belong to clinics, hospitals, or Clinical Research Organizations (CROs). Our certified Arabic medical translators are skilled at addressing all kinds of medical translations, including medical files, patient record forms, prescriptions, drug reports, scientific research, and healthcare dossiers.

    Our Fast and Reliable Medical Translation Services

    Pharmaceutical, clinical, and medical translation services require utmost accuracy, which is why our medical linguists and subject matter experts leave no stone unturned in ensuring you get professional and accurate translations of all your medical documents. Medical and pharmaceutical companies rely on our simple and easy medical translation process to translate medical terms from English to Arabic and 230 other languages with quality and speed.

    LST, a leading Arabic medical translation agency, delivers top-notch medical translation of all kinds of medical content with the help of its simplified and easy-to-follow translation process. We recognize the value of linguistic precision in healthcare, which is why we provide our medical translators with access to cutting-edge language technology and top-notch translation procedures.

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    Access Global Healthcare Opportunities with Pharmaceutical Translation Services

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    Are you looking for a certified translation agency to provide professional medical translation from English to Arabic and vice versa? Do you own a pharmaceutical business and want to explore new grounds for global fame and success? If so, LST is the right choice for a certified and professional pharmaceutical translation service for your clinical trial documents and files.

    At LST, we understand the need for accuracy in the translation of pharmaceutical content due to the sensitive nature of the medical terminology used in these documents. The overseas trials, as well as the global marketing of medical products and services, call for more advanced, updated, and accurate pharmaceutical translation services. Our expert medical translators are skilled at delivering multilingual content for a variety of pharmaceutical documents, such as clinical outcome assessments, clinical research studies, drug trial protocols, regulatory submission documents, informed consent forms, and patient-reported outcomes. Efficiently translating such a huge variety of medical documents requires skills such as extra precision, accuracy, and an eye for detail, all of which our expert medical translators possess. We provide English to Arabic medical translation services in over 230+ global languages. Moreover, our streamlined translation process makes the translation tasks easy to handle and execute, helping us deliver accurate translations, just the way our clients want.

    Get All Your Medical Documents Translated Professionally into Arabic

    LST delivers top-notch and linguistically valid medical translation services into Arabic. Our expert linguists not only translate English to Arabic medical terms, but they are also professionally trained to handle multiple translations at a time. With LST as your medical translation partner, you can be assured of a professional and accurate medical translation into Arabic and 230+ other global languages. Our professional translation services encompass the translation of all types of medical documents, such as:

    • Adverse events
    • Clinical protocols
    • Package inserts and labels
    • Case Report Forms (CRF)
    • Patient Recruitment files
    • Reports for insurance
    • Clinical trials
    • Drug registration documents
    • Dossiers
    • Protocols
    • Contracts
    • Manufacturing Process Descriptions
    • Marketing collateral
    • Datasheets
    • Research papers
    • Medical journals and articles
    • Packaging and labeling information
    • Clinical protocols
    • Drug trial agreements
    • Marketing material (brochures, corporate websites, and leaflets)
    • Medical device translation
    • Contracts and informed consent forms
    • Questionnaires
    • Treatment guidelines
    • Operating instructions
    • Psychiatric reports
    • Case Report Forms (CRF)
    • Patient Information
    • Pharmacological Studies
    • Production Manuals, Dossiers, and Protocols
    • Drug Registration Documentation
    • Instructions for Use
    • Regulatory Audits and Regulatory Documents
    • Manufacturing Process Descriptions
    • SAE and SOP Procedures
    • Master Batch Records and Deviation Reports
    • Medical Software and Hardware
    • Multimedia audio and visual
    • Toxicology Reports
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