World Malaria Day 2022

In the old days, Malaria and Tuberculosis were considered lethal diseases. Thanks to progress in the medical field that made these diseases curable. Around 800,000 people die every year because of Malaria.

It is the second most dangerous disease that is affecting human health after tuberculosis. Malaria is a parasitic disease which is affecting people in 90 countries. People living in India, Brazil, Solomon Islands, Africa, Vietnam, Colombia, and Sri Lanka. Four types of Malaria are caused and spread by the mosquito’s bites.

People living in sub-Saharan Africa are more prone to this disease. Therefore, ninety percent of Malaria cases came from this region, and it is the main cause of death in that region. Additionally, it is a great threat to child health. According to the rough estimate, every 30 seconds, a child dies of Malaria around the world.

Additionally, Pregnant women are also prey to this disease, it can be curable for them if it is diagnosed early. This disease also affects the economy of any country because a person who is ill can not go to work and can’t make a plan for traveling, thus affecting investment and tourism. Did you know that around 2,000 people in the UK are affected by this disease when they are abroad in a year, but now this disease is curable?

Symptoms of Malaria

To get well from this disease, it is important to detect it early. People can get well from this disease after a prolonged illness of 10-20 days. The symptoms of this disease include fever, headache, and pain in the entire body with a lack of energy. Don’t mix it with the symptoms of the flu. The main symptom of this disease is high fever with chills.

The patient can face up and down the temperature after every two to four days. Symptoms of Malaria start appearing on the patient after six days when the mosquito has bitten. The developing period of the disease varies according to the parasite that the mosquito has. The nature of the parasite will depict whether the disease will be severe or mild. Not only children and old but young people can also die because of this disease. Malaria can affect the kidneys and brain and can result in anemia, coma, and death.

Cases of Malaria

As per the latest World Malaria Report, there were 241 million victims of Malaria in 2020 as compared to 227 million victims in 2019. Moreover, the projected number of Malaria deaths in 2020 was 627. It is a 69000 increase in the death toll as compared to the previous year.  The World Health Organization proclaimed that seven countries in the world are free from Malaria.

The efforts to mitigate Malaria started from 1955 to 1972. At that time, 20 countries were declared free of Malaria. However, this disease recurred again in the era of 80, s and 90, s. The number of Malaria patients was only dropped in four countries.

How can Malaria be limited?

Like another disease, thorough research is being done on Malaria. The objective of this research is to develop a cheap vaccine. Unfortunately, no such vaccine was develope for general use. The spread of this disease can be reduced by destroying the trenches in which mosquitoes breed. If Malaria is detected at an early stage, then the person can cure it easily. For this, the patient should have all the information about malaria.

Observing the World Malaria Day

World Malaria Day is observe on April 25 each year. It is celebrate to create awareness of this disease among the masses and to eradicate Malaria from the globe. This day was first observed in 2008 by Africa. The day was celebrated to assess the progress that is made to control malaria and reduce the death rate in African countries.

Malaria is present in more than 100 countries globally, leading to the death of thousands of people. However, you can control this disease while following the precautionary measures like using indoor insecticide spray and using insecticide-treated bed nets. On the celebration of the first World Malaria Day, Ban ki-Moon, secretary-general of the United Nations highlighted the availability of medicines, bed nets, and trained medical staff in the Malaria affected areas.

World Malaria Day, 2022

World Malaria Day 2022 will be celebrate under the theme of Harness innovation to reduce the malaria disease burden and save lives. At present, there is no such tool that can eradicate Malaria. For this reason, WHO is calling for investments and innovations that can provide a new path for the control of this ailment and provides diagnostic approaches and anti-malarial medicines to increase the efforts against Malaria.

The WHO was working swiftly in mitigating the global burden of malaria from 2000 to 2015. However, these efforts were slow down in recent years in the high-prone countries for Malaria. Now is the time to make the world come to the track so that WHO can achieve the targets of 2030.

On this day, the research institutions and international agencies come together to discuss the progress of the Global Malaria Action Plan. In addition to it, scientists and organizations get a chance to discuss the disease and prevailing research efforts. They can create this awareness in people through educational programs, charity shows, and other community functions.

 Malaria Vaccine RTS, S

RTS, S is the name of the Malaria vaccine. The WHO recommended the use of the RTS, S malaria vaccine for kids that live in areas where transmission of this disease is high to moderate. The recommendation was also levied on the ongoing WHO-coordinated pilot program in Malawi, Kenya, and Ghana.

Therefore, they reached more than 900, 000 children. The experience and evidence of the program showed that the vaccine is safe and easy to use and saves people from this deadly disease. RTS, S is scientific innovation work. You will be surprise to know that RTS, S is the first vaccine that can be use for human parasitic diseases.

Reaching the Far-off Areas

You must be wondering how to reach the communities where there are no health care facilities. For such cases, WHO is asking the local workers to go village to village to educate the people about the risks of Malaria and how to prevent it.

Malaria Eradication in the Western Pacific

Did you know that China has been a Malaria free country since 2017? Therefore, it was give the certification of a Malaria-free zone in 2021. Two countries that used to be a victim of Malaria have reported less than 1000 people suffering from it. These two countries are Vanuatu and the Republic of Korea. Malaysia also had zero cases of malaria for three consecutive years however it is report that there were 2600 victims of P knowlesi. (zoonotic malaria).

Wrapping Up

Let’s celebrate Malaria Day with frivolous enthusiasm and decide on that day that we will come up with medical innovations to combat malaria. We will use tools to prevent people from this disease. In addition to it, we will provide information about the disease in the areas where health care services are not available. In this way, we will surely defeat this disease. Malaria day also mitigates the gap between doctors and researchers. They come up together on this day to discuss the current ailment situation.

World Chagas Disease Day – Everything you need to know about Chagas Disease

World Chagas day is celebrated on the 14th of April. It was celebrated for the first time in 2020. It is also referred to as a “silent and at times silenced disease”. This disease targets poor people mainly who have limited and at times no access to health care and a group of people without a political voice.

The global community started celebrating world Chagas day in 2020. It is observed on 14th April 2022. It grows and works slowly and gradually. Moreover, it is also asymptomatic many times.

Chagas now has become a global health problem and experts have started working on it to educate their people about the disease its cause and which steps can be taken to prevent the disease. It is also important to note that a Brazilian girl named Berenice Soares de Moura was the first patient diagnosed with the Chagas in 1909. Hence, the World Health Organization (WHO) also worked on the awareness to educate the people to get an early diagnosis so that the right treatment can be offered. 

Chagas Disease—Overview 

Chagas disease is an infectious and inflammatory disease that is caused by the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi. This parasite comes from animals and is found in the feces of triatomine bugs. These bugs leave parasites that transmit the infection to humans, leading to Chagas disease. All these bugs feed on the blood of animals and humans during the night and they defecate later.

This disease is mainly common in South America, Central America, and Mexico. Moreover, rare cases of the Chagas disease are also witnessed in the southern United States.

This disease is also called American trypanosomiasis. This disease can infect anyone. The Chagas disease needs to be treated on an urgent basis or else if left untreated, it can severely damage the heart and other organs causing digestive issues as well.

The initial process of treatment of Chagas includes the focus on the killing parasite. It is also important to note it’s not possible to kill the parasite in the patients who have chronic Chagas disease. However, treatment still can be managed with signs and symptoms. Certain steps can also be taken to prevent and spread infection.

Symptoms of the Chagas

Chagas disease starts with sudden and brief acute illness. It could also turn into a long-lasting chronic condition. The symptoms could range from mild to severe. It is also worth mentioning that many times it goes asymptomatic until it reaches its chronic stage.

Acute phase

Chagas disease has its acute phase which may last for weeks or months depending on certain things. This phase is usually symptom-free. Signs and symptoms are mild and these may include

  • Swelling at the site of infection
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Rash
  • Body aches
  • Eyelid swelling
  • Headache
  • Appetite loss
  • Nausea diarrhea and vomiting
  • Swelling of glands
  • Enlarged liver or spleen

All the symptoms and signs of Chagas disease usually go away on their own during an acute phase. However, there are cases reported that show if the infection is left untreated for long, it may lead to a chronic phase.

Chronic phase

The chronic phase takes time to spread and turn into chronic. Signs and symptoms of the chronic phase take around 10 to 20 years to post initial infection. Besides that, interestingly, they never occur as well. The signs and symptoms of chronic disease could or could not include

  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Heart failure
  • Sudden cardiac arrest
  • Finding it hard to swallow due to an enlarged esophagus
  • Pain in the stomach and constipation is also observed due to an enlarged colon

Consulting the Doctor 

Consulting a doctor is extremely important. Moreover, it also depends on the area where the patient is living. There are areas in the United States where the disease is widely spread and have signs and symptoms. Once there are common symptoms that appear such as swelling on the infection site, fever, body aches rash, or nausea, the patient should consult a doctor immediately.


A parasite named Trypanosoma cruzi is spread from an insect known as the triatomine bug also called a “kissing bug”. These infections happen when parasites swallow blood from any such animal which has the infection of the parasite.

Triatomine bugs come from the mud, and adobe huts and that’s in Mexico, South, and Central America. These bugs stay in crevices in the walls and roofs during the day and start hunting during the night. They often feed on sleeping humans.

Infected bugs leave after feeding and they leave parasites on the skin. These parasites can make their way into the human body through the eyes, mouth, through a cut or scratch, and wound from a bug’s bite.

The rubbing and scratching of the bite also enable parasites to enter the body. Once they enter through, they start spreading and multiplying.

Moreover, people can also get the infection through

  • Consuming raw food contaminated with feces from bugs and infection with a parasite
  • A person who has an infection from a parasite giving birth
  • Getting a blood transfusion or organ transplant from a person who has an infection of a parasite
  • Coming in contraction with the parasite while working in a lab or so.
  • Spending time in a forest that has wild animals with infections.

Risk factors

A number of factors can happen to cause the Chagas disease

  • Habitats of poor rural areas of Central America, Mexico, or South America
  • Having a residence with triatomine bugs
  • Having a blood transfusion or organ transplant from someone who is carrying the infection already.


It is important to get the treatment of Chagas disease after a particular time. The day is celebrated to educate and aware people of the disease and to avoid the risks and causes. If it is left untreated, it can cause serious damage. 

Heart failure

Heart failure occurs in the case of the long-running and chronic phase of Chagas. During this suffering, the heart becomes weak and stiff that it fails to pump the blood that may meet the body’s needs.

Esophagus getting enlarged

An abnormal widening or dilation causes enlargement of the esophagus. This also causes problems in swallowing and digestion.

Enlargement of the colon

Megacolon occurs as a result of abnormal dilation. It causes stomach pain and severe constipation.


A number of people who reside in high-risk areas where there are mild to high chances of Chagas spreading. They can take a few steps to prevent themselves from the Chagas disease.

Avoid sleeping in mud, thatch, or adobe house

They should avoid sleeping in such surroundings, as such residences harbor triatomine bugs.

Use insecticide-soaked netting on the bed

While sleeping in an open area or setting, they should cover their bed with a net.

Use insect repellent

They should use insect repellent on their exposed skin to avoid the risk of getting an infection. They should also use insecticides in order to remove insects from the residence.

Wrapping up 

Chagas is a disease that happens as a result of the infection caused by a parasite, Trypanosoma cruzi. Most of these parasites are common in Central & South America and Mexico. This disease comes asymptomatic initially. However, if left untreated for long may cause serious damage such as heart failure or an enlarged esophagus. World Chagas day was celebrated on 14th April 2020 for the first time.

Everything about World Health Day – 7th April

We live a very busy and fast life. In our fast routine, most of us don’t give importance to our health. A few of the diseases we inherit from our ancestors, and some of them are because by stress and environmental pollution. To deal with the issues of the health of the entire human world, health day is celebrated on 7 April each year. Why 7th April? This day is celebrated on 7th April because the World Health Organization was established on 7th April 1948. This year, the theme of this day is Our Planet, Our Health The objective of this day is to give attention to the world’s global health issues and make a planet healthy for human survival.

According to estimates by the WHO, over 13 million deaths around the world are due to environmental pollution. This environmental pollution is causing global warming, which is a great threat to human life and causes many health issues.

Air Pollution in Developing Countries

No doubt, air pollution is a global problem, but it is hitting developing countries more than developed countries and the situation is getting worse day by day. The World Health Organization is working to know the reasons for this pollution. According to one of their reports, the residents of big cities in middle and low-income countries face more pollution challenges.

The alarming thing is that four out of five cities around the world have such an environment that does not meet the WHO air quality levels. The statistics show that 98% of people living in poor and developing countries and 56% of people that live in developed countries are breathing in polluted air. This causes three million deaths every year. Regardless of WHO instructions for air pollution, the pollution level is still increasing in developing countries and is causing ailments like heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, and many other ailments.

China and India are included in the worst polluted countries. The Database of WHO shows that Zabol is the city of Iran and is the most polluted city in the world. In this city, people are inhaling toxic air which is less than 2.5 µm across. These toxic particles are so small in the area that they pierce into the bloodstream and lungs causing heart attack and disease related to the lungs. People that are prone to lung disease and asthma are at a high stake of death.

How to Combat the Air Pollution in Developing Countries

Breathing the air pollution is not under the control of humans. To purify the air, action should be taken by city officials and national governments. To provide solutions to air pollution in developing countries, industrialization zones must be made outside the cities, and they should develop standards for air pollution. Going for electric cars, a system for better waste management, energy production from the solar system, and implementation of such technology that reduce emissions should be provided by the governments. Therefore, developing countries should also invest in new technologies to reduce the emission of hazardous gasses and should come up with renewable energy sources.

In recent years, many developing countries are facing the problem of smog. It is the pollution that stays in the air and people are unable to see things beyond. Moreover, they are unable to breathe well. It also causes several health issues.

The WHO is providing the guidelines and limitations for air pollutants. According to them, mitigating the dangerous emissions down to 20 mcg/m³ from 70 mcg/m³ will reduce the level of pollution-related deaths from around 15%

It is evident for national and government authorities to give attention to detail to healthy urban air.  The pollution-free air will help in reducing the health care cost and helps in improving the work productivity and life expectancy of the people. Reduction in air pollution will also have a positive effect on rapid climate changes. Therefore, developing nations should find a balance between economic and air quality to protect the health of their citizens and raise the standard of living.

Things that are Hazardous for Human Life  

You will be surprised to know that 90% of people breathe unhealthy air because of the burning of fossil fuels. Moreover, the heated and polluted environment leads to the spread of mosquitoes that cause different types of fevers. Additionally, water scarcity, land degradation, and extreme weather conditions are affecting the health of people. Waste materials and plastics are present in the oceans that are killing the seal life and also making their way toward our food chain. The use of highly processed foods is increasing the risk of obesity, cancer, and heart disease.

The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic

The lethal COVID-19 that causes millions of deaths around the world has taught people the importance of health. Moreover, it has also highlighted the inequalities in the health system in developed and developing countries. The pandemic has exposed the weaknesses of the society that are not working for making their environment free of pollution and enhanced the need for developing sustainable well-being societies that focuses on providing equal health facilities to the people now and for the generations to come.

At present, the economies of the world are facing the problem of inequitable distribution of income, power, and resources. Many people in the world are leading a life of poverty and instability. The objective of the health economy is to provide equity and ecological sustainability. For this, they have to make a long-term investment and should make legal and fiscal strategies. Reducing the cycles of different ailments and pandemics, the medical sciences require corporate and legislative reforms to support people so that they can make healthy choices.

Wrapping Up

In the recent decade, lots of work is done in life sciences, but this work is not enough as we are unable to provide humans with clean air for breathing. Therefore, the theme of this day, April 7th which is Our Planet, Our Health will give a reminder to the world to cater to the issues that are beyond the limits of healthcare. This can be done with the help of the governments and the support of their people.

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30th March: National Doctor’s Day

Doctor; A Word That Demands Respect 

Doctors are deemed in the highest regard and given recognition for their devotion to helping humanity in the moment of their derailing health. There are certain civil services that do not play any significant role in the lives of many people. But healthcare workers and doctors are the ones that almost every citizen in the United States has taken assistance from.

Before we jump into the future implications of this day, let’s briefly discuss the History of the nation’s doctor’s day.

Historical Perspective

30th March 1933 was the day when doctor’s day was first celebrated. Georgia was the state that officially proclaimed the 30th March an honorary day for Doctors. And from that day it has been celebrated ever since. 

Initially, it was not a legal holiday, but in 1958, the U.S. House of Representatives passed out a resolution that commemorated 30th March to be Doctor’s day. On the contrary, other countries of the world celebrate doctor’s day on different dates. But the important thing is that almost every nation of the world considers its healthcare professionals in the highest regard. 

Traditions of The Day 

It is not just about sending a “thank you” note to the doctors. The gratitude transcends the formal recognition given to doctors. 

Gratitude Transcends Formal Recognition

Almost every citizen of the country appreciates the services offered by Doctors in one way or form. Children celebrate the day by making colorful notes and gift cards. Adults and other family members appreciate their town doctors by sending flowers. Some even take the initiative to create customized gifts for their favorite doctor or nurse. 

Spending Entire Day With Doctors 

Many people whose lives have been saved by doctors celebrate the 30th march at the next level. They offer to spend the entire day with their doctors. Inviting them to their houses, offering them food and drinks. Moreover, some cities or small towns even create exhibitions or large get-togethers in which their doctors are invented as chief guests. This shows that people do not take the services of these doctors for granted. They know they are the reason people are able to live healthier lives. Hence, the least they can do is to appreciate them for one day. 

Entertainment Perspective 

From an entertainment point of view, Americans are very sensitive about how they present and treat their doctors. And showcase that treatment to the rest of the world. We have seen that there are numerous TV shows, like Grey’s Anatomy, that give us a deep insight into the tough lives that are led by these brave healthcare soldiers. Every day is like a battle, and they are fighting to saves people’s lives. 

Doctors Are Humans Too

Nonetheless, they also showcase that doctors are humans too. Hence, they can be prone to make mistakes. People who believe that a doctor has to be perfect do not even know half of the daily stress that these people have to go through. Just because someone has been given the responsibility to take care of someone, does not negate the reality that human emotions and stress can take a toll on doctors as well. 

Sacrifice And Commitment To Save Lives 

Hence, it is the responsibility of people to give the benefit of the doubt. If a mistake is made, it is because some doctors succumb to the pressure and anxiety of fighting for a patient’s life. 

And that is what we see from these TV shows and movies. That is how the personal lives of these doctors get hampered due to the pressure of their job. Many of them have no time to give to their family and loved ones due to the nature of the job. This sacrifice and the commitment to save lives is what makes them so special. Therefore, they have to be appreciated. 

Why Americans Love Doctor’s Day 

1. The Saviours of the Nation

The COVID-19 period has shown us the fervent dedication that the doctors give to the Hippocratic Oath. They have to wear the most uncomfortable suits to treat patients. And that too on days on end. Some doctors even suffer from suffocation due to the PPE suits. 

Doctors are the real reason that the COVID death rate has considerably reduced. They put their own lives in jeopardy to protect the lives of their patients. This proves that doctors are the Saviour of the Nation. And a savior should be treated with the utmost respect. 

Apart from the governmental contribution, it is also imperative the general public play their role in celebrating the Saviour of the nation. 

2. It’s Not Just About Physical Pain

The assumption that doctors only heal the physical pain couldn’t be more incomplete. They may treat a patient’s wounds or recommend him an effective anti-biotic, but it’s the mental stress they relive by talking to their patients. 

The fact that they address the patient’s fears head-on and tell them that everything will be alright, is worth more than a muscle relaxant Injection. The majority of the people are actually looking for someone to tell them that everything is going to be alright. Moreover, they also offer valuable advice to their patients, by telling them how they can cope with their mental stress. These useful tools actually help them a long way. 

3. Bringing The Community Together

They may appear vicious when they cut a person’s body to remove tumors and other diseases, but doctors are the ones that actually heal a person’s heart. They are the ones that put a smile on the parents’ faces when they tell them that their child has recovered from the accident. And this is what brings the people together. 

The sheer joy of hearing the words” Congratulation, it’s a healthy baby” can only ignite the feelings of community and utmost satisfaction. 

There was a time when Infant mortality had the highest rating in the world due to a lack of medical professionals and resources. Now, it is because of the conscious choice that a young teenager makes of becoming a doctor, that has changed that bitter, harsh reality. 

Henceforth, it doesn’t matter what type of disease a doctor is treating. It’s actually the sense of community and togetherness, that doctors replenish, that make them an integral joining force of the community. 

4. Resilience And Dedication

You think you work long hours, wait till you hear the number of hours a serious medical professional has to give to do his or her job.

A doctor has to work for more than 70 hours per week. And these are just rookie numbers.  A senior doctor or an emergency medical officer sometimes has to work for 3 straight days without taking any rest. 

And in case of a crisis such as the COVID pandemic, many doctors contributed weeks and even months of hard work to handle the pandemic situation. 

When such commitment is given to serving others, one can do nothing but show love, appreciation, respect, and honor to the doctors. And 30th March is just one day of showing that appreciation. 


It’s imperative to appreciate the commitment and devotion to serving others that doctors exhibit in our community. One doesn’t have to do much, but just show a little bit of love to their community doctors. 

If you believe that they are humans too, and they also feel the need to be loved and respected, then you would celebrate this day too. Therefore, do not shy away from celebrating Doctor’s day on the 30th of March. 

10 Translation Industry Trends in 2022

The COVID-19 has changed the way we live our lives. The global business is no exception to it. People are confined to their homes to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The global business that has brick and mortar stores have shifted their business to e-commerce. Thanks to digitalization that has given great leverage to e-commerce stores. The e-commerce stores faced the challenge of communication. This is because people opt to buy products and services from a website that is in their native language. This has increased the importance of translation services more than before. Let’s dive into the 10 translation trends in 2022.

Globalization and Technology

In this era of globalization, the objective of entrepreneurs is to expand their business across borders. They can only tap into foreign markets when they speak the language of the target market. Here the translation services play an important role in attracting the target market. At present, globalization is associated with translation. In 2022, due to technological advancement, there will be no problem for entrepreneurs to connect with the target market in their language because the translation agencies are just a click away from them.

Globalization demands that more and more people should be connected in their language while keeping regional and cultural intricacies in view. According to Forbes magazine, translation services are growing tremendously with the global economy. This is good news for translators and the global companies that want translation services to operate their business globally.

Technology advancement is the main driving force behind the progress of the translation industry. It makes people communicate in a language that they understand despite the location where they are. Online tools such as Skype and Google Translate are facilitating the communication between thousands of businesses and companies globally. We expect to see more technological advancement in 2022 in the translation industry. They will use more software to enhance the speed and accuracy of translation services. However, due to regional and cultural references, human translators will still be in demand. Moreover, they can give instructions to the machine to operate efficiently.

Use of Videos and Podcasts

At present, global businesses are using videos on social media platforms to increase traffic. Thus, this has created the demand for video and audio translations. As per the survey by Wyzowl, 81% of business owners use video content on their websites. This number will increase more in 2022. Podcasts and videos are an important part of many global companies’ marketing strategies. For this purpose, many translation agencies have to train their translators for translating multimedia content. In this regard, translators should have the know-how of the subtitling and dubbing process. So, if you want to pursue a career in translation, you must know how to translate videos and digital content.

E-learning and Translation

Many global companies spend a large amount of money on the training and development of their employees. This is very important in this era of fierce competition because if global companies have to compete in the international market, they need to train their employees. Covid-19 has also affected the training procedure of companies. Traditional in-class training is finished and the concept of e-learning is introduced. E-learning training is a cheap form of training as it saves money from in-class training and transportation. In the unprecedented time of Covid-19 when global companies have asked their employees to work from home, they keep on training their employees through e-learning programs. According to the report by Statista, e-learning will continue to grow at the rate of 15% from 2017 till 2022.

The global business is turning to e-learning. Therefore, the important thing to keep in mind is that people will learn and retain information in mind if they are provided training in their native language. Therefore, training material, quizzes, and games should be translated and provided to the learners in their mother tongue. Many companies that are providing online education and distance learning need to develop the content in such a way that it can be translated into multiple languages easily.

Artificial Intelligence

Tech-savvy people have predicted that soon human translation will end, and artificial translation will grow. But due to cultural and regional intricacies, we cannot remove the human touch from translation. For instance, Google Translate cannot translate the complicated text with local and regional words. In many circumstances, human translation is faster than machine translation. With the amalgamation of the machine and human translation, a hybrid translation platform will provide a better option for language translation in the future. The human translator is kept in the loop with the help of computer-assisted translation. They review and edit the translations that are done by machines. CAT tools are a well-used tool in the translation industry and their use will increase more in 2022.

Remote and Online Working

COVID-19 has shifted the world towards digitalization. As people cannot go out, they need to communicate online. This has increased the importance of translators and resulted in the emergence of live translation. Although these both are available for a long time due to pandemics, remote translation and live translation have become the norm in companies, clinics, seminars, and courtrooms.

Medical Translation

Medical translation services are in great demand because of the pandemic. As developed nations worked on the development of vaccines, there is a great demand for medical translation to share the use of vaccines among the people that speak different languages. The government also needs translation services to guide the masses about the precautions that they can take to save themselves from this lethal pandemic. Unless the pandemic is eradicated from the world, the demand for medical translation will prevail in 2022.

Growing Workforce of Translators

Many people have lost their jobs because of the economic turmoil caused by COVID-19. This has turned people towards learning linguistic skills. Many people have adopted a career in translation because of the growing demand for translation services. This career is more for those people that can speak Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese. It is expected that the workforce of translators will grow more in 2022.

Multilingual Customer Support

People tend to visit websites that are in their native language. They make purchases if they are communicated in a language that they understand. After purchasing, comes the importance of customer support. According to the survey, 76% of consumers use messaging apps to take after-sale assistance. They take this assistance if they are communicating in their native language. AI is helping the translation industry to enhance the response time of customer services in the language they understand.

Speech-to-Speech Translation

Speech to speech translation is a technology that helps to translate spoken language into their preferred language. Skype translator and wearable translation devices are important innovations in the era of translation technology. These technologies have simplified the lives of people when they are restricted at home. People are now getting used to this technology, and it will proceed to rise in 2022.

Language Demand

In terms of languages, the trend of translation services will increase in 2022 which is high in demand. It is predicted that languages that are increasing according to the numbers of speakers are Arabic, English, and Portuguese. Moreover, the languages like Chinese, Malay, Korean, Spanish, and French are also increasing. The translation of the content in these languages will be at its peak in 2022.

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned trends will shape the landscape of the translation industry in 2022. They will help to mitigate the communication barriers among the nations and do not stop the smooth functioning of your global business in the tough times when the world is facing the consequences of the pandemic.

Why Insurance Companies Need Translation and Interpretation Services

Due to globalization, people need to travel frequently to foreign countries. It can be for business purposes, for higher education and vocations. Whatever the purpose of your travelling is, you must secure yourself financially in a foreign land. Here the insurance services are of great help to you. They help you greatly if you face any unexpected accident. For instance, if you face any injury in a foreign land then you must go for medical insurance services. How can you understand insurance services in a foreign land because of language differences? For this, you must go for medical translation and interpretation services.

Difference Between Medical Translation and Medical Interpretation

Insurance services help to claim the money in case of an accident. Most often medical interpretation and medical translation are used interchangeably so people often confuse one with the other. Let’s remove the ambiguity between the two. Hospitals and clinics use both the services of medical translations and medical interpreters. The main difference in both is the use of communication mediums. The translation is about converting the written content from one language to another whereas interpretation is about altering the language orally. Some skills are common in translators and interpreters. The important thing to keep in mind is that a good interpreter might not be a good translator and vice versa.

Interpreters must work with objectivity because they are independent in their work. This thing sometimes causes a problem for them especially when they are interpreting for family and friends. Interpreters should be bilingual but this cannot ensure their success.

Medical translators work differently from interpreters because they need to provide services in written form. Therefore translators must possess good written skills in the language in which they are required to provide services. In the translation process, you must read an original context, and find relevant equivalent words in the target market. Finally, you must edit and proofread the content. If you are working with a medical translator then it is recommended to take the opinion of a second translator to get error-free medical translation services.

How to Translate Medical Documents for Insurance Companies  

Before going for medical document translation services, you must collect all the necessary documents in one place. They include hospital bills, medical check-up, blood tests and all the documents related to illness and injury. It is recommended to get a copy of each document to keep the medical record with yourself before giving them to the translation or insurance company. For the translation of medical documents, like medical claims you should not rely on software. For example, google translate will just give you an idea of the text. Therefore for the best health care services at economic rates, you should not take risks of both your health and wealth.

The medical documents about health and insurance contain difficult words and phrases that cannot be translated by a simple translator. For this, the translator should be a subject matter expert in the medical field. Therefore, you must hire a professional translation company because they employ a subject matter expert after strict scrutiny. You cannot make your health and wealth prone to different software’s.

Interpretation and Translation Required for Medical Insurance

For the processing of medical insurance, translators and interpreters are required throughout the process. It includes

  • The early phase of contact with the client.
  • Translation of medical reports, assessments, affidavits, and witness statements.
  • Client Meetings
  • Investigations for diagnosis
  • Trials

To get the required coverage from the insurance company, you must take the assistance of a reliable translation company.

Information Needs to be Accurate Both in Law and Language

If you require medical assistance in a foreign language then a translator should have a complete understanding of the foreign language with the law of that country. A minute mistake will harm the entire process and you must bear a high cost. Moreover, the interpreter is also required to interpret the foreign country law accurately. Additionally, they clear you regarding any ambiguities in understanding the law.

Happy Clients will Lead to Higher Retention Rates

When patients feel that they can rely on a specific insurance company then the next step is to look for translation and interpretation services. If the translation and interpretation services are not taken care of then people will not opt for your insurance policies. The health of the client and the growth of the insurance company is associated with impeccable translation and interpretation services.

The Role of Translation and Interpretation Services for Health Insurance

One of the worst things that one can come across in a foreign land is any ailment or unexpected accident. This one requires medical treatment. Not all of us can bear medical expenses in a foreign land. Moreover, it is not easy to understand insurance policies in a foreign land unless you understand their language. Here the translation and interpretation play an imperative role in making you understand the entire process and how to opt for it. Some hospitals don’t start treatment until you give them proof of insurance coverage. In this regard, the hospital administrator contacts the victims to know the worth of their coverage. In such a situation, you must take the assistance of a medical interpreter that can act as a median between the hospital and the insurance company. Moreover, a translator would assist in translating documents for the hospital and medical facility to start a relevant treatment and to know how much money would be needed. Moreover, the insurance company also asks for police reports and witness statements to know the validity of your case.

Importance for Health Insurance Translation Services

Although English is a universal language it does not mean that everyone can speak and understand English. The translation of health insurance documents for people that do not speak and understand English is a critical process and requires experience and expertise in this field. Initially, bilingual people used to work as a translator in the medical field. To work according to the federal and state laws, medical insurance translation services are the most critical translation services for the healthcare system. LEP, low English proficiency people like to communicate in their language. Health insurance translation services are significant for LEP because in this way they can understand the cost and terminologies used in the treatment in the best way.

a) Health Insurance Translation Services Help you to Understand Medical Rights 

Usually, the terms used in medical documents and insurance policies are obscure even for native speakers of the country. By getting a health insurance translation service, people can get aware of their health rights and know how they can take better leverage from them. This applies to the entire health care system. There are many cases in which people are unable to interact properly with doctors and insurance companies. For example, if you are an ex-pat and you have been given health insurance from your company then you can understand the health facilities given to you only by health insurance translation services. On the other hand, the health insurance companies also want their clients to understand the health privileges given to them. Therefore translation services in health insurance are pivotal.

b) Health Insurance Services are Used for Welfare of People

Many welfare countries also want health care providers of their country to take the assistance of translation and interpretation services in their practices. This shows that a large number of populations depend on their services. In the USA, health care facilities are very expensive. Therefore people who have taken the health insurance services can save a lot of money and enjoy great health privileges. According to one study, 25 million US citizens have low English proficiency. Therefore, if they claim medical insurance then they must go for health insurance translation services to make their process more professional and efficient. Translation services in the healthcare industry are considered ethical because they help to save the lives of people.

c) Insurance Companies gives you Leverage in Many Ways

If the insurance companies take the assistance of a professional translation agency, then they are in a better position to understand federal and state laws and can abide by them. It will increase both their financial and administrative efficiency. For LEP clients, the translation agencies come with communication strategies that can resonate with customer requirements. On the other hand insurance companies can improve the quality of customer services and help to process the insurance services in minimal time. If the insurance company has its website, then translating a website in multiple languages will help to increase the customer’s enrollments and decrease the expenses. Many insurance companies have included insurance forms online. People can understand and fill the insurance forms if they are provided to them in their native languages. It will increase the information access and efficiency of the insurance firm. Over-the-phone interpreting can also increase the sales of the insurance company. In short, translation services will enhance the corporate image of the insurance company.

Miscommunication Prevented by Translation Services

One of the main reasons for the importance of translation services for medical insurance is to avoid miscommunication. Insurance companies are aware of the risks associated with wrong communication. The problems caused by errors in translation can result in lawsuits and the most dangerous part is the loss of health and death.

Do you know why miscommunication is havoc in the medical insurance field? It is because of difficult terminologies used in medical and insurance. Therefore to have impeccable translation results one should hire a professional translation company.

Wrapping Up

The welfare states of the world take interest in providing the best health care services to their citizens. Many people from developing countries also visit these states to get better health facilities. To mitigate the communication gap between the medical health and insurance companies, translation and interpretation services are of great help. It will ease the work of all three parties, patients, medical care providers and the insurance company. For this, you must hire a professional translation agency. It will help the medical practitioner to treat the patient with utmost care. On the other hand, it will help the health insurance companies to enhance their efficiency.

Identifying The Major Problems of US Healthcare System

The US is the top economy in the world. Do you know, the average national cost for a family health insurance has reached $1,152 a month. Additionally, it also considers whether the healthcare services are sufficient for such a large population. How much cost the government is bearing to provide the best medical care to patients. Do you know that America is the most expensive country in providing medical services to patients? On the contrary, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Australia, and the United Kingdom are the countries that are providing the best medical services to their clients at a much-reduced cost than the US. Although the US is using the latest technology and qualified doctors still their healthcare system is not out of problems. Let’s identify the major problems of the US healthcare system.

Medical Care is Expensive

We often hear this thing that in America medicine is very expensive. You must be wondering why the top economy of the world is unable to control the high cost of medical services. For this, we have analyzed the data and found out that the US spends the highest on pharmaceuticals. Therefore, the operational cost is high. They charge high prices to compensate for this cost. Doctors also earn more money in the USA than in any other profession. You must be wondering that although the US is spending the highest in healthcare, what are the reasons that are pulling down the US from the list of countries that are providing the best healthcare services. For this, first, we must analyze the factors that are making healthcare services expensive in the US. Because they are using state-of-the-art technology, so the physicians charged more for their practices. Due to digitalization, physicians hire IT resources to manage electronic health records and electronic medical records. The transformation of systems from the old one is also expensive. Although, many government-run programs have switched the paper records to operational costs. The cost is enhanced because proper medical billing services and medical coding services are obtained from the old system. For this reason, many companies in the US are providing a range of specialized services like billing services, coding services, transcription services and medical translation services.

Cost of Technology

Physicians have opted to install new computers with EHR solutions. To maintain the software, they must pay subscription charges on a monthly basis or for a one-time subscription fee to software vendors. To induct the system in medical and train the people how to use them, you must take the assistance of IT staff. It also increases the operational cost. Do you know that the healthcare system of the US is different from other countries? In Canada, you just need to submit the claim to one party but in the case of the US, multiple companies are dealing with healthcare reimbursements. You must submit your medical claims with all the credentials to them. If they don’t find your credential services authentic. They will reject it with relevant objections. To provide better health care services to their patients. The US physicians must hire subject matter experts and highly skilled that will cost them high.

Cost of Diagnostic Procedures

Diagnostic procedures are also very high in the U.S. This is because if physicians diagnose the patient incorrectly, which leads to the patient using them. Therefore, doctors ask for more diagnostic tests in the US as compared to other countries. Thus, it leads to more cost. People who have medical insurance can save a lot of money and the people who have not taken insurance are not eligible to negotiate for it. They must pay their charges from their pocket. According to one survey conducted in the US, hospitals are treating uninsured patients more than insured patients. It is one of the biggest problems in the US healthcare system than in any other country.

The Market of Healthcare Vendors

As a consumer in the healthcare market, you don’t need to go to the best seller to buy the medical products. This is because the government and consumers don’t negotiate the price with the vendor. Therefore, vendors have a free hand and there is no strict price control entity for them. This is one of the foremost reasons for the high cost of the US healthcare system. You will be amazed to know that medical bankruptcy is common in the US and approximately 650,000 Americans become bankrupt because they are unable to bear the high medical expenses. On the other hand insurance companies also do not help patients to pay less because they want funds to get reimbursed from the government and employer. The government of the United States is spending a large amount of money on the entire healthcare system of the entire country.

The High Cost of Medicines

Although the prices of medicines are rising throughout the world, American people are paying more for the medicines as compared to other regions. The government of the United States is not taking any action to control the price of prescription drugs. This is because there is no competition among the medicine vendors in the country. So the consumers must pay higher for prescribed medicines. This creates a problem for those people who must pay from their pockets. According to the report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, patients in the USA are paying 3 times more as compared to other countries. Therefore, each American out of 10 Americans can’t afford prescribed medicines. For this reason, many people that are not earning well ask their doctors to prescribe them medicines that are less expensive and guide them to the substitute treatment which is not so effective. There is no use of such substitution because still, the patients must visit the doctors again and again for treatment of their ailment. This again results in high cost.

The Medical System is not Transparent

The other major problem in US healthcare is the lack of transparency. This lack of transparency is related to cost and it is prevalent in the healthcare system. It is because of coding and it is one of the fraudulent acts reported. The upcoding system is very difficult to trace. If a person who is an insurance policyholder wants to find out the medical procedure he will not be able to find an appropriate answer. The insurance companies have their money-making business. Therefore, they want to get a good percentage from the employers, however, they follow strict policy when they need to pay insurance policyholders. This sounds good for the insurance business, however, it is bad for patients that depend on the insurance system.

Expensive Medical Equipment

The medical equipment in the US is also very expensive. Moreover, their prices are rising every year. The government of the US encourages the use of technology however, they are not making their prices down. The expensive medical equipment is also enhancing the price of medical care. No doubt the quality of healthcare is outstanding in the US but their high rates are creating a problem for patients. The advanced healthcare systems usually are controlled by the government around the world and the government tries to control their prices.

Medical Errors that can be Avoided

Johns Hopkins conducted medical research regarding mortality rates for eight years. He concluded that due to medical errors, 250,000 people die every year. This is the third most common reason for deaths after a heart attack and cancer in the US and accounts for 10% of US citizens.

The Shortage of Physicians and Nursing

The shortage of physicians and nursing is a supply-demand issue. According to the data published by the Association of American Medical Colleges AAMC stated that the US will suffer from the shortage of primary and specialty care physicians by 2033 as the demand for medical care is enhancing day by day.

According to AAMC and CEO David J.Skorton

“This annual analysis continues to show that our country will face a significant shortage of physicians in the coming years. The gap between the country’s increasing health care demands and the supply of doctors to respond adequately has become more evident as we continue to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The challenge of having enough doctors to serve our communities will get even worse as the nation’s population continues to grow and age.”

The AAMC findings also suggest that every two physicians from five will reach the age of retirement in the next 10 years. It will also cause supply and demand issues.

The Opioid Crisis

Back in 1990, the US experienced increased rates of opioid abuse and opioid-related deaths. This issue has become so prevalent in the country that many health organizations have given it the name of Opioid Epidemic.

The Opioid crisis is related to the use of prescribed opioids like oxycodone. Moreover, it is also related to non-prescribed opioids like fentanyl and heroin. In the 1990s, pharmaceutical companies suggested more use of prescribed medicines to increase the sales of their medicines by declaring the fact that these are not harmful and addictive for the patients.

The US population starts relying on prescription opioids to get relief from pain however they start experiencing their side effects. The pharmaceutical companies decide not to reveal these side effects to the doctors. This resulted in high dosage and death rates in the US. The other effect of misuse of the prescribed drug is that where these drugs do not produce desired results, the people are inclined to other opioids for example fentanyl and heroin that results in a high number of deaths.

Wrapping Up

Despite all these problems, the healthcare system in the U.S is adopting modern technology to provide state-of-the-art medical care services to their patients. The government agencies, The Department of Health and Human Services HHS, and the Centers for Disease Control and prevention CDS are working together to mitigate the problems of the US healthcare system and to provide the best healthcare facilities to their people. There is a high need to work on lowering the expenses of medical facilities though.

How to Increase Revenue and Patients in a Medical Practice

Do you know how many Americans are eligible for medical health insurance? The numbers have reached from 11 million to 20 million now! It’s happening because of the enrollment of the Affordable Care Act. Public enrolled via state and federal insurance exchange. The pandemic shocked everyone out. The treatments were free at one point, but if conditions worsen, then your health insurance needs to kick in. 

But it can cover only so much. 

For a medical practitioner, these times are crucial more than ever. Pandemic and post-pandemic side effects are resurfacing, so people will be looking for a medical expert in their local areas. 

So if you are one, you can increase your revenue and patients in medical practice. It means you need every tool at your disposal to make any of your medical ventures possible and profitable. 

You must be wondering how to make impossible, possible. Relax. In this article, we have formulated very convincing strategies that will help you improve your revenues and patient counts in no time at all. 

7 Convincing Ways to Increase Revenue and Patients in your Medical Practice 

Even if yours is a business, the foremost concern is to generate the revenue, right? In the medical field, you will face lots of competition. Whether it’s about administrative tasks or medical practitioners, there are tactics you can use to your own advantage. 

Down below are some quality tips to enhance your medical practice. 

Customer Reviews are Legends

For customers at least, this bit is true. We all know the internet has proved to be a hot spot for service providers and buyers. It’s a common interaction platform for businesses. Most internet users these days are either generation X or millennial’s.

The younger generations are hard to satisfy. They investigate the pages, website, comments, etc. to ensure they have the right pieces of evidence whatever medical service they plan to choose in the end is worth their money. 

A quick view of a positive review by a patient on your website will do wonders for your medical practice. Also, websites like Yelp, Health-grades, etc. have listed top medical practices. Customers can leave a review, and therefore these listing websites rate the service provider based on the customer experience. 

So the first and foremost thing to do is to focus on the long-term patients. Take their opinions and suggestions seriously about your practice. Ask them to share their experience with your medical practice on your official website or social media page. 

Which Type of Social Media to use

Everyone is aware that for a healthy business to prosper and increase revenue, you need to have a strong online presence. 

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. are most likely used by businesses to attract more business clients and other customers. For a medical practitioner, sharing, sensitive information can be quite critical. Patients are not always forthcoming when there are billions of prying eyes on their personal screens. 

Facebook provided a safe remedy for this too in the shape of Groups.

Facebook groups are popular these days among various communities. For instance, you can create a healthcare group. Be very selective with the users you allow in the group. You can also give limited access, making it a private group instead of a public group. Users have the opportunity to ask you questions “anonymously” too if they feel uncomfortable. They can contact you via inbox too. 

So you see? This methodology is really simple. 

Or else, you can create a strong portfolio on LinkedIn, a high-domain social site for professionals. Your connections can help create new connections in the related field.  And who knows, you may find your future patients or business clients by keeping an active profile? 

Using Bilingual Staff 

Usually, the medical staff is bilingual. In most fortunate cases, they are multilingual as well. You may get a patient who is transferred from another medical facility. In such a case, it’s quite possible to face a situation where the patient speaks a foreign language. 

Chances are any staff member could be familiar with that language. Hiring bilingual staff is always fruitful. Not only are you opening doors for diverse job-seekers, but you will create a good repute for yourself among the locals too. 

Also, do not hesitate to hire medical interpreters as well. They are of extreme help in emergencies. 

They can act the best as customer representative agents. Imagine a 911 call for a severely burned patient is received, and the person does not speak or understand English. In such dire circumstances, your smart hiring may work in favor of your medical service. 

Besides, doctors and pharmacists are always in need of accurate medical translation to fully understand the patient’s medical history. It helps your medical practice prosper, too. 

Offer After Hour Visits 

A medical practitioner’s routine and schedule are pretty much tied up. But offering after-hours patient visits means increased revenue as well. 

It means you can fit more appointments in a day too outside of 9-5 average practice. Besides, it will also provide the chance to keep patients in their comfort zone too. They will realize if the doctor is really making an effort by putting in an extra shift or an added hour, they value their patients. 

But of course, if you want more work-life balance, then this idea is not favorable for you. But those who are looking to increase their revenues and retain patients longer can benefit a lot. 

A patient is more likely to stick to the doctor who is available even at short notice, too. If not available for personal visits, then an online video consultation can also do the trick. 

Highly Motivated Staff 

Staff is a valuable source for the healthcare industry. The policies should be created in a way that compensates the staff, making them happier employees. 

But how will a happy employee help earn revenue? 

This is the case with good word of mouth. Not all fingers are equal, at some point, the medical practice may lack some quality insights too. Staff is usually ignored due to tight work schedules. They are usually overrun, which is a sad reality. However, to keep the staff highly motivated, make their work schedule as forthcoming as possible. 

Words of encouragement lead to moral and emotional support too. Make them feel they are also being listened to. 

Give them the voice they need to remove the miscommunication that can affect your business’s good repute. Some of the most common motivational strategies for employees may include;

  • Performance-based reviews 
  • Fostering and nurturing a team environment 
  • Small gifts of appreciation can go a long way 
  • One on one meetings 
  • Celebrating success or achievement of milestones 
  • Extra hours are paid and so on. 

Improvised Appointment Schedule 

What sort of appointment schedule are you following? How much time do you have on minutes to detail with each patient? How do you keep your patient flow organized? 

These are some of the serious questions you need to ask yourself. Traditional practices i.e. in-person visits are most common. But the pandemic taught us to not rely on only one means of communication. 

Virtual checkups are a reality now. You can schedule an in-person checkup with a virtual follow-up and vice versa. It allows the patients to avoid traveling back and forth, especially if they have to travel long distances. It can save them a trip to the hospital or clinic. 

Plus, the patient does not need to walk in, even if it’s a last-minute appointment. Virtual checkups allow flexibility for both the doctor and the patient. So online technology helps to maintain appointment schedules in a better way too. 

Besides the time of span, you spend on listening, diagnosing, and following up on the previous visit matters. On average, a doctor may need 10-20 min at max to check a patient. A last-minute hour, a 10-minute visit may be enough considering it’s the extra hour. You can reduce the time slot. 

Patient Collection Strategy 

It’s one of the major concerns for medical practitioners. Especially the rise in insurance plans makes the taxes and collection of amount receivables more complex. 

Almost 20% of total medical revenue is generated by patient co-pays. Physicians are hardly able to collect only 60% of the due amount. So managing the books is quite a hurdle too. To avoid missing payments, it’s best to hire remote accounting professionals who can do the math for you. 

If you run a small clinic, you may not feel the need to hire a full-time accountant or a bookkeeper. So outsourcing a remote/part-time professional is a good option to maintain the financial statements, cash flows, and ledgers, etc. 

Your billing practices will be ordained in a chronological manner. You will be surprised how much a balanced book can help you save from tax deductions at the year’s end. Also, with properly managed books, you can file tax returns with a good claim. 

Bottom Line 

If you want to keep up with your medical practices, you can follow all of the above tips, considering these are well-tried and tested. Whatever strategy you end up implementing to grow the revenue, do not forget the power of language. It’s your way to communicate with the employees and patients and other vendors. 

So once you start focusing on the language, you can take slow but consistent steps to improve your medical practice

The Importance of Medical Translation

It is a common saying that health is wealth. We can perform the daily tasks of life if we are healthy. Without health, we cannot enjoy the beauty of life. Initially, people used to follow the remedies of their ancestors to cure themselves, then with time, developed countries started research and development in the medical field. We are living in a globalized world. Now humanity is more important than different sects. So developed countries share their medical developments with developing countries to save humanity. With the development of medical sciences, ailments that were once considered lethal have become curable. Here the point of concern is, each country has its official language, so they research the medical field in that language. So how can they share their medical developments with developing countries? They take the assistance of medical translation services.

What is Medical Translation

The medical translation field is very vast as it deals with the translation of all kinds of medical content. It deals with the translation of diagnosis of the ailment, medical prescriptions, medicines, and documents that guide how to use medical devices.  

Benefits of Medical Translation

Medical translation helps in saving human lives. The people from developing countries that don’t have better healthcare facilities visit foreign countries to get better medical facilities. If the doctors don’t understand the patient’s language, then they will not be able to diagnose the ailment of the patient on time. It will be a threatening situation for human life. On the other hand, the doctors must provide the treatment to the patients in a language that they understand. How can they do this? They take the assistance of medical translators to get medical histories of patients translated that came from a foreign country to get better medical facilitation and don’t understand the host country’s language.

Due to digitalization, patients are more aware of health issues than before. They can easily get information about different diseases and medicines from the internet. Here again, this translation plays a pivotal role. People can get information from the net if the information given on it is in their language. Patients that get prior information from the net are aware of their health conditions. Moreover, they also know how their doctor is treating them.

The pharmacists that provide medicines to the patients also require the assistance of medical translators to understand the drug information and the dosage information. In this way, patients can understand when to take and how to take medicines on time. So this translation plays a significant role in getting a person recover from the disease.

Medical Document Translation is Required in Multiple Languages

Medical document translation is required in each category of the medical field.

  • When people visit foreign lands for treatment, they need to sign many forms like billing statements, privacy policies, etc. Most of all, the document that is essential to get permission in the foreign land to start medical treatment. Here, the medical document translation will help the patients to understand what they are signing.
  • Medical devices help doctors in diagnosing the disease. So, if the doctors have received the medical device from any foreign country, they need to follow its user manual. They will understand the user manual if it is translated into their language. In this way, they will know how to assemble the device and how to interpret its results. Here, the medical translator provides the medical device translation services that resonate with the target market.

Challenges of Medical Translation

The medical and health sciences are very complex fields. There is no room for error in this field. Any error in this field will directly affect human life. Therefore, translation in this field should be precise and accurate. The most difficult part of this translation is understanding the medical terminology. A little change in medical terminology will lead to a big difference in health care. One of the challenges is that medical terminology in the source language cannot get the equivalent translation for the target language. For this, the words must be translated in a way that resonates with the target market. Moreover, the use of abbreviations and acronyms is also a challenging part of this translation.

To overcome the challenges of complex translation, you should hire a professional translation company. They employ a team of native translators that are also subject-matter experts of the medical field, and they also have prior experience. These translators are not only proficient in linguistics but at the same time, they are medical gurus. Thus, they are the best option to get reliable translation.

Wrapping Up

Human life is a very precious gift of God. To save one person’s life means saving the entire humanity. Therefore, A translator who is working on the medical project should not only know the challenges of the medical field but should keep upgrading himself with the latest medical developments. To get error-free translation in the medical field, don’t forget to hire a professional translation company.

The Impact of Language Barriers on Health Care

Patient safety is everything in the healthcare system. The Health care systems are designed to look after the people’s diagnosis and to give them secure treatment. Evidently, we are living in this globalized world where cultures and languages have become intermingled. Cross-border visa-free entry has become the norm of the day, thanks to international and regional organizations and treaties. Due to the increased demand for interdependency, a multi-linguistic world needs to remove the language barriers in order to live cordially, expand a business, and sustain health. If any kind of communication barrier comes in the way of it, the results can get catastrophic. For instance, in providing healthcare facilities, if the language barriers are there, then this sole barrier can pose great health risks. To address these challenges, many large healthcare centers use the service of professional medical translators and interpreters to overcome the communication gap. Likewise, medical translation services is a reliable source that is providing sensitive medical localization and translation services in more than 120 languages across the globe. Because providing the translation in the medical field is not an easy task, even a simple mistake can lead to a disastrous result. So, the implications are very severe if centers do not take professional linguistics services. 

This article has explored some implications on health care owing to the language barriers. 

1) Incorrect Diagnoses

One of the primary impacts of language difference is the incorrect diagnosis. When intake medical staff like nurses and doctors are unable to understand the patient’s problems, they miss out on the sensitive information that should be provided and understandable clearly for further diagnosis. For instance, if a patient is experiencing diarrhea and that problem is wrongly diagnosed as a liver disease due to the inability to have effective communication. Consequently, a wrong diagnosis will never lead to the right treatment. When the diagnosis goes wrong, you are likely to put the patient’s life in jeopardy. 

2) Allergic Reactions and Drug Interactions

When a doctor is unable to understand the patient’s prescription, there is a possibility that medication may cause an allergic reaction to the patient. It is highly acknowledged that medicine contains the required amount of drugs, and it can react if it is not used by strict guidelines. Patients are most likely to have dangerous drug interactions if the providers are not able to know about quantity. This happens when health care centers do not take precautions in hiring language interpreters. Like the business field, it is necessary to have a language service provider to hit the target audience, so, why then negligence is at medical hospitals when it is all about life. 

3. Increase in the Dissatisfaction Gap 

Due to the language difference, one side is unable to convey the message clearly to the other side. Likewise, a patient who belongs to China is suffering from stomach disorders but lives in the United States of America, and he is likely to speak Chinese or Mandarin. How can you accept that he will convey the exact problem to the American doctor? On the other hand, How will you accept that a doctor can cure the disease of that patient? This will ultimately increase the understanding gap between the patient and doctor that consequently results in dissatisfaction. And when there comes dissatisfaction in hospitals, patients do not go to hospitals, and they are likely to cure themselves with homemade remedies. Along with it, if a patient does not tell the full details of his problem to the doctor, the doctor will not be able to cure him in a regular manner.                                                                                                                    

4.  Increase in Cost Due to Ill Treatment 

Another major implication of the language barrier is the increase in cost. Language obstacle comes in between the diagnosis, it results in longer treatment. Apart from this, ill-treatment leads to more problems. This all results in an increase in time and cost. By this, not only the health but money and time also get wasted. Many studies show that medical centers do not usually have medical interpreters or any contract with a professional language service provider. Health safety is the primary goal of Sustainable Development goals (SDG) and it is the top priority of even the United Nations Organization (UNO) to eradicate the diseases and urge the nations to follow all necessary medical precautions. Owing to the demands of the global village, people are facing many challenges that should be encountered simply by hiring medical translators. 

5.  Psychological Stress

Language barriers may increase psychological stress. There is no denying the fact that language is a key to communication, and this feature is designed to understand each other and to live in this multicultural and multi-linguistic world. So, if there comes any sort of language difference, one is not able to understand another one. Likewise, Biomed Central Health Service Research illustrated that Language discrepancies may result in increased psychological stress. Because there is a possibility that many patients who come to hospitals are already suffering from some kind of anxiety, depression, and stress. So, in these kinds of cases, the language barriers may cause serious hurdles and result in more mental issues. 

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, language barriers can cause great risk in the healthcare domain. This obstacle can cause plenty of risk factors on patients’ health and health care systems. That is why it is necessary to take the services of professional language service providers. Patient’s health is the primary duty of healthcare systems and wrong translational and inability to understand the language result in catastrophic results. Many online translation tools like Google Translate provide translation service that is appreciable. But the healthcare domain is sensitive and precise. It can not afford any minor mistake because there is a human life that is going to be at stake. That is why choosing a reliable platform is the need of an hour. Medical Translation holds the solution of this problem that can help you to remove language barriers by giving you translation services in the form of medical documentation, psychology translation, and pharmaceutical translation.